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  1. There are not a lot of GT 350s available. Each dealer was allocated only one per this year 2020 the smallest allocation of the run to concentrate on the GT 500. The 59 grand price is a great price especially for a red one. Where I live there are none at the dealers and Galpin ford only has one.
  2. This means we loose that wonderful high revving, flat plane motor. I am glad I have one. Sudden.
  3. I have recently read that the GT 350 will be discontinued. Can this be true?
  4. I have been a little upset lately with the electric SUV mustang. Ford what where you thinking? SUDDEN
  5. Let me get this right? Shelby wasn't into big honky v8s? 427 side oiler in Cobra? All first early cars were all manual trans. He has always wanted a 200plus mile an hour hot rod. Hot Roding is what he did, by that he meant putting the biggest motor into the smallest cars for some crazy performance. Sudden.
  6. Yes , Older gt 500 has more of Shelby in it, more soul and torque, not only the looks. Inferior, Yes, Slower, Yes but way more like a Shelby then a wannabe Porsche or corvette. It has it own personality with a tremec 6 speed to have fun with. And gee, a real clutch peddle, just old school. Mini van shifter not for me. SUDDEN.
  7. O.K. here is my 2 cents worth. It is an automatic, mini van style. Basically a stock coyote motor that has its internals beefed, and a supercharger. Needs 800 hp to be competitive and is going to have a huge ADM. It will keep my O8 gt 500. Sudden
  8. I thought I would throw this out for discussion. Is the magic gone now? I have asked that question to myself. Now the new generation Shelbys have their own story to tell. They are the last cars that were touched by Carroll. Yea, I know we can get parts and so on. Also you can get KFC without the Col. , but I think it is a little different without our leader.. He had so much involvement and personality that anything from now on will just be a , " wanna-be" or a tribute . As in paintings and art , you need the artist to make that picture. Without the artist there can be no picture. I just think that without the MAN, we recognize that he was so special . Just my thoughts, how about yours? SUDDEN.
  9. That chicken farmer was one hell of a race car driver! God speed with Shelby speed! I never knew you , but I loved you. Goodbye and keep the pedal down forever! SUDDEN
  10. I have a 2008 GT 500 and love it. However, the new 2013 is pretty SWEET with 650HP, etc.it is very tempting to get a new one ,but I cant see paying all the money when I can hardly controll my 500 plus H.P. now. Also I get a front grill with mine. SUDDEN.
  11. You will find out later what is ment by, "NEVER SELL YOUR SHELBY!"
  12. I agree that SAI needs to stay in business, remember CS said he is out of the car production business, just parts and mods. The SGT is pre title and will have that image, but all Shelbys have stock ford vin numbers. If you get a stock gt, it will have the same vin as a Shelby. The only special vin on Shelbys like the old days is the gt500. If you want to move up get the 500 and have a blast. Or get the GTS with the 5.0, and it will smoke your SGT. You have options. I had a SGT and got tired of people calling it the baby shelby. I like the car but my gt 500 smokes em. If you dont like the SGT, then get another Shelby, there are no rules and lots of chocies. Remember they are all Fords, Shelby just mods them,.that is their business to stay in business. SUDDEN.
  13. I was at a car show and my buddy had a really nice 66 mustang, show quality and slightly modified. My 08 gt 500 was parked next to him. The younger generation, I am 62, didnt even look at his car and went straight to mine and were taking cell phone pictures etc etc. I think the old days are over and most people now look at the older cars as sort of for the older generation. Kind of like taking a shower in the dark when you are old so you dont have to see your self in the mirror. I have had shelbys and muslce cars since the 60s.. For me it is all about the new stuff now. Especially Shelbys. Look at the BJ actions, all you see are old dudes with big guts paying over the nose for old cars. Nostalga , playing old songs and driving the car you wanted when you were young does not bring back your hair or your gut. At the show they had the American Graffiti stars from the movie that looked like they just came out of the rest home to sign autographs. Some of the younger generation didnt even know about the movie and had never seen the movie. For me now its all about the new stuff and going real fast with safety . For me the good old days are now. I am in agrement with CS when he says the now stuff runs circles around the old stuff. SUDDEN.
  14. Here is my take on this. I am thinking some kind of big horse boss in the future, or a cobra jet. Shelby says he is out of the car business, car production that is. His parts program is very cool and you can buy a stock shelby and send it to him for mods is the way to go in the future. He tried the smaller turbo cars like the dodges and they bombed, nobody wanted them . I think he has accomplished what he wanted with SAI now and its running smooth. However, he is always thinkin of the future and a new car, and that will never change. I think that he might consider an new Cobra with ford, like the Gt 40 at some time in the future but who knows. SUDDEN.
  15. I have to give government motors credit for building this camero, however should we say too little to late? 550 H.P. and some kind of hocus pocus magnetic zapper suspension? SUDDEN.
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