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  1. Did you replace the X pipe with the H pipe? Who did you order them from?
  2. I have the same ones and have had them for about three months with no problem, hopefully your set was a very rare incident and that Shelby will make it right with atleast express shipment on a replacement!
  3. Yes you are right about the 07, 08, 09, and the guy with the silver one should have done his homework before buying, it was a dealer add on. I have an 08 vert. with the red apperance package. :happy feet:
  4. Rob how much are the KR mufflers going for? Does the H pipe verses the X pipe make that much of a difference with the KR mufflers?
  5. I just checked mine yesterday 08 with 3000 miles on her and no crinkles or dents in the location of yours.
  6. I'm 34 with a clean record and i'm paying $76 a month for my 08 vert thru Grange Insurance! :happy feet:
  7. Nice kill, its great to hear that the guy was stund to say the least. Maybe he should reconsider what he is driving! :happy feet:
  8. Great story I love it when any car reguardless of the manufacture gets smoked by one of ours especially if its one of those Euro. -think they are the greatest cars ever made- cars. Keep smoken'em! :happy feet:
  9. I agree Rob that shelby is amazing right along with all of those new details :happy feet:
  10. I also love the grabber blue with the white stripes looks awesome and with the leather racing stripes stiched on the seats what a great looking seat. I love the new little details they put on the inside, soft to touch plastics, real aluminum, shelby badging on consule, passenger side dash. Love the Shelby lettering being spaced out on the rear deck lid :happy feet:
  11. I love the personalized plates, as if your car doesn't get enough looks already those plates will bring on even more onlookers!
  12. My Shelby got sequential tail lights from the wife- yes she does understand!
  13. Rob the white is the way to go, way better looking than the black stripes! :happy feet:
  14. Great find Grabber that was really awesome. I would have loved to be Mr. 5.0 taking all of those great pictures! :happy feet:
  15. I work at Ford's Sharonville Plant and know for a fact that we never engraved the VIN # on the transmission, I wonder if they might do this in the final assembly?
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