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  1. Thanks guys. Tried the fuel filter but no difference. Looking at refitting the original fuel rails to try it out of desperation. Any other suggestions greatly appreciated?
  2. Looks like I have fallen into the old trap of doing too many things at once. My car has developed a slight hesitation just as you release the clutch fully and start to accelerate in first and second. The car was running fine until I fitted the new Shelby Fuel rails. At the same time my mechanic also modified the fuel filler breather, as I had been having trouble filling the car and I reloaded the Evolution 91 octane program to compensate the speedo for the 3.73 gears I had fitted previously. When I took the car for a drive after completing these tasks the hesitation (miss) appeared. I have also noticed the fuel pressure seems to be a little erratic now. The gauge previously sat on 40psi, but now sits on anywhere between 25 psi and 45psi. It doesn't fluctuate just goes to a setting and stays there once you start it, eg.25 psi ans stay there and then next day will go to 38psi and stay there. I don't believe the fuel filler mod is related to this issue. Given the fuel pressure inconsistencies I am leaning towards something to do with the fuel rails. I am concerned it may be something to do with the new tune? It is the same tune I was using previously with the dif ratio adjusted. I have reloaded this tune a couple of times and also loaded the 93 octane tune but it's made absolutely no difference to the "miss". There are no fuel leaks I can see. Any thoughts or comments greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey Cap'n, do I detect a note of sarcasm there?
  4. Rear is lowered about 1 1/2" and the front about 1". Love the lowered stance but you definitely lose a little in ride quality. Just a little stiffer but not too bad.
  5. Thanks guys. Appreciate it. Thanks for the pics Grabber. I'll have another look this weekend, but I'll probably get the relocation bracket anyway. Makes sense.
  6. I fitted 3.73 ratio gears to my diff the other day (lovin it) and at the same time went to fit my new Shelby diff cover I had purchased only to find it interfered with the panhard bar and I couldn't fit it. My car has been lowered with the Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs so I'm suspecting this is the cause. Can anyone confirm this? If this is the cause are there any solutions as I really would like to fit the Shelby diff cover? Is there a bar which will accomodate the Shelby diff cover on a lowered car? Thanks in anticipation.
  7. Thanks for your help. Just a quick update to say the SCT was able to update the ratios. My speedo was spot on before the gear change according to my iPhone and now I have changed the settings to 3.73 it is absolutely 100% correct again. Oh did I mention how much I love the new ratio. Still running in, no whine, no noise, but feels great. I know I'm a little slow, I've been reading for eight years now this is the best mod, but it's totally true. Feels great, moves the drone outside cruise speed and eliminates all clutch shudder. Lovin it. Only one small issue. I'll put this in another post but I went to fit the Shelby diff cover and it fouls on the sway bar. Have any of you struck this before? I'm thinking it's because of the Eibach lowering springs I have fitted? Does anyone know of any solution? Is there another sway bar that will accomodate the diff cover?
  8. Thanks for the tips. I will be changing the ratios so will see how we go.
  9. Hopefully someone can help me out with a question real quick. A couple of years ago I purchased a tune from Evolution for my 2007 GT500 which came with an SCT3 tuner. Now I want to change my dif ratio to 3.73 from standard so consequently will need to upgrade tune to reflect such to correct speedo. Will I be able to use the same tuner or given it came from Evolution with a canned tune will it be locked so that I can't adjust the dif ratio settings. Any help or previous experience greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi Jim, been a few years now but I'm still around. Snooping on this site mainly, it's just not the same with the time difference. Anyway just read your post regarding Steve, please pass on my and Glenyce's best wishes, our thoughts are with him. Glad to see you still supporting Team Shelby. Hi to Mark and Anette as well, hope you guys are doing well. Take care all. Pete & Glenyce
  11. Thanks everyone for the input. This really had me beat as it seems like a really simple procedure. And it seems as though it is, however, apparently to meet Australian standards they have to modify the brake circuit wiring which obviously affects this procedure. So problem solved. Thanks again to everyone for the help.
  12. Yes thanks for that, I found same, just can't get my car to accept. Thanks for posting though.
  13. I have just fitted a new set of rims tyres and TPMS sensors to my 2007 GT500. I have the sensor training tool but I can't get the car to enter the tuning mode. I have found two procedures but both were done with a 2010 car but I believe it's the same for mine. Both procedures were basically the same: Turn ignition from off to on three times Press and release the brake pedal Turn ignition off and then to on three more times Car should beep and enter training mode The second procedure is exactly the same but includes depressing the brake pedal before you start. I have tried both ways many times but I can't get the car to beep and enter training mode? Can anyone help me out with this? Is the procedure the same for my car as later models? Am I missing something? This is a big problem for me as not too many people in Perth Australia know too much about Mustangs. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  14. Hey Cap'n Randy. Not too many Shelby events but plenty of general car events and a few Mustang events. We have a great Mustang club here in Perth that is quite active. How about coming to Vegas for the MCA 50th next April, Glenny and I are coming over for it? Love to catch up with you guys if we can. PJ
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