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  1. Hey guys- Does anyone have a photo shoot or multiple detailed pictures of 2011 kona blue with red stripes? I know it is possible to build one on the Ford website, but I was curious if anyone had a link to some real pictures perhaps.
  2. Hi all, I am looking to buy a 2010 Grabber Blue with Red Stripes. I have located 2 of them in Texas, but neither of them have the HID headlamp option that cost $525. Does anyone know if you can order the headlamps from the factory at that cost and install them using the previous wiring? On a second note, does anyone know how much a 2008 Shelby GT fully optioned out(interior upgrade, ambient, shaker 1000, HID) with about 2400miles in perfect condition will trade in for, or private sale value? Thanks
  3. Was browsing craigslist this morning and found this excellent looking 2010 white with red stripes. Deal is advertising for 49k about 500 below sticker. http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ctd/1309944428.html
  4. Does anyone know what Barrett Jackson Shelby GT's are going for? I know that they are located only at Arizona Ford dealers and that only 100 were produced. I have located around 20 in the Phoenix area that have been sitting there since January. Any ideas? Sticker is around 43k depending on options
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