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  1. We can't wait. We attended our 1st Bash in 2014 at the opening of the Heritage Center. When and where do we pick up our goody bags and car number clings? It was at the Gift Shop lobby the day of the reception last time.
  2. Good morning all! Driving again to day. It is supposed to be 61 & sunny. Incredible for Utah in February. Thanks for your advice on my renewal package. I dashed off an email to Briana this morning.
  3. I renewed my TS membership on 12/28/17. I still haven't seen the goody box, only an invoice and a credit card bill. When I called Shelby they sent me to several people who said I needed to contact TS in Gardena. When they transferred me, the mail box for TS is full so I can't leave a message. Any suggestions?
  4. Snow? That's that cold white stuff that fall from the sky, right? It's been so long here I forgot.
  5. Humping for some, off of work for others, just sayin. Either way, have a good day!
  6. Problem is my neighbors are either way older than me or look like Keith's gals.
  7. I'm up for the commercials. Neither team does anything for me. The disrespectful players don't make me care about the game, either. I did hear there will be no Budweiser Clydesdales this year. Too bad. They were usually my favorites.
  8. The ones who are super busy are the retired ones. The difference is we enjoy our "work" and can have a cold one during "working hours"
  9. Happy Saturday to all. Got the "all okay" from the eye surgeon yesterday. I can't believe how much better I can see now. My right eye was operated on 4 years ago and I thought I saw good after that. Now I can REALLY see. Everything is bright and colorful. Like the Yellow Submarine Beatles movie.
  10. Good morning, NTT. Been MIA for a while. I had cataract surgery last week and the computer screen is too bright, even on the lower light settings, for my "new" eye. I also had trouble seeing words on anything under 3 feet in front of me. Things are coming around to where I an do this for a little while before my eye tires. Hope all is well here. I've done a little FB but that's all.
  11. Happy Humping to you full timers. This guy is off today but back driving tomorrow & Friday.
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