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  1. I bought them and installed them myself at home following the directions inside. Mine is a Non supercharged car so mine has the oil temp gauge instead of the boost gauge.. I just liked the look and I also think they should have been stock but I know shelby was trying to keep the price down at the time...
  2. The only 1 piece spark plugs that i found years ago when i changed mine at 10,000 miles was champion . I am pretty sure there are more companies making one piece plugs by now since it has been a problem for years....I thought someone said years ago Brisk made some...
  3. General motors vehicles must be moving for the sensor to read correctly (that is the way it is programmed) maybe ford is the same .. just a shot in the dark..
  4. Alaska is a 2 license plate state so the dealers HAVE TO put the bracket on up here. I had no choice when I bought mine back in 2008..
  5. Been to dealerships, Worked at dealerships,,, My car gonna stay out of dealerships
  6. Does that mean the price of our 10 year old SGT cars is gonna go up ??? sg
  7. Yes, Dont leave any food in any car in alaska as the bears WILL find it. I will keep my eyes open for the cobras driving around. Nice to see some new cars in Alaska , even if only for a short time...
  8. General motors has had cold start piston rattle for years, it has to do with the pistons they are using .. Short skirt and materials...It goes away when warm..May be ford is starting to do the same thing ??
  9. You might get lucky, some cars have an access hole under the rear seat.....
  10. Did you fill the tank with the key on or the engine running ? GM vehicles do things like this if you do ???
  11. T 82 is a Mustang GT coupe and T 85 for a mustang GT convertible , there is nothing about a shelby gt in the vin
  12. looks like some one has a lot of hood scoops to install.......
  13. Yes, I was the lucky automotive electronic technician for ten years. Everything twobjshelbys said above is correct.. Welcome to the world of technology..Cars are meant to be driven every day now, not sit....
  14. seems like everyone is having problems renewing with the new website , including me.. I contacted Brianna and after a couple of emails she got me renewed... I suggest you contact Brianna , she was a big help....

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