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  1. 48,888 Third battery, third clutch, second set of tires.
  2. Going for the fix myself, will take pics maybe try the Flexseal I bought you know the airboat made screen?
  3. just got 6" of rain in 3 hours and had 2" of water on the passenger side, the whole passenger side
  4. My TPS warning was blinking too after I had my battery disconnected for a day. I just hit reset on the dash, did my after spark plug and air filter change beat the car run it never came on again... Yet...
  5. Just put in the NGK TR6 IX 3689. My car sat up for awhile (over a year with start ups every month or so) due to a fender bender with a drunk retired police officer and now it is finally back on the road. Changed the plugs and the air cleaner. Gapped the plugs to .034" or a snug 035". Took it for a test run and it ran great. I have +35000 miles on her, a JLT Stage 2 (intake, 2.6" pulley, and Dyno tune at Stang Hi Performance). With 49 deg F. OAT ran like a raped ape and showed just over 15psi boost (higher than I've seen it before. The old air cleaner was black (Black Mold?) So I don't know if it was the plugs, Air filter Outside Air Temperature or the combination of all 3, but she is running better than ever. Easily over the 550rwhp and 540ft/lbs torque my last dyno tune showed done at 70F OAT 13psi boost. My only consern is that the anti seize from the last plug change was hard to gather/blow out of the spark plug holes. It gunked up when I removed the old NGK TR6's and I am pretty sure I was able to blow some of what didn't stick to the plug out before the old plug was completely removed but a minute amount may have escaped me on occasion and went into the cylinder.... Didn't seem to hurt it though. Bought a 5/8" magnetic spark plug socket from Auto Zone and that did the trick for plug removal. Anyway, thanks for the write up Secondo.
  6. Ethanol robs your mpg. Some stations have more of that crap in their gas than others. Bought my car new in 07 got 26mpg on highway. 2010 3 years later 24 mpg. Owner at Stang Hi performance said it was the increased ethanol in gas around our area. Everyone noticed it and it was a common question for him.
  7. OTC 6899 Spark Plug Socket 5/8" for GM, Chrysler, Ford vehicles not available...?
  8. Looking for a door panel insert option. I looked for carbon fiber, N/A. SVE has a plastic version but doesn't fit right. My interior guy wants $185 per door to replace with similar material and install. I know I am not the only one with this problem and if you have a 2005 to 2007 mustang yours will come off too. So what to do? Why no carbon fiber or better inserts? Help would be appreciated
  9. Is it to late to have a 2007 Supersnaked? And if not to late where can I have it done? How long does it take and how much does it cost? (Which I can find out when I call...) My car has 33000 miles on it, been sheltered most it's life, but could use some freshening up. Thanks for the help
  10. Take it to someone who can plug it into a computer and see if it has any codes?
  11. I believe if you keep your rev limiter at no more that 6400rpm your bottom end will handle much higher than 700rwhp.
  12. All I have on mine is JLT cold air, 2.6" metco pulley, upgraded heat exchanger for the intercooler, dyno tuned by Stang Hi performance, and am pulling 550 RWHP 545 RWTq on a 80F day (who knows when it's say 60F). That is easily over 625hp at the crank... 11.81 in the quarter with me driving... I would go with that first and upgrade the bushings in the rear suspension to get rid of the bunny hop... Another story though.
  13. Thanks How lucky can I be today? It's on the way. Fred at Evolution says it's perfect... Now I need a another HE to replace the one Van sold me, drivers headlamp, bumper cover (paint and stripes), the stuff that goes under the bumper cover (hammer to fix what the stuff that goes under the bumper cover sticks too), and a 2.9 whipple... Oh well I guess I can wait on the S/C...
  14. This may be th wrong place to put this but I have it also in the for sale forum... Need to replace my hood due to hitting a drunk local retired police officer running a red light and blaming me... I am bummed and need to get er fixed and back on the road.
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