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  1. I don't think there is any "try" about it Van. There is nobody else in this industry that can hold a candle to what you do. ck
  2. I don't think your number has anything to do with it. At some point Ford wanted to push the KRs remaining on car lots, which included both 08 and 09. They did the certificate program to try and remove the remaining stock.
  3. My sister and brother-in-law lost their home in the May 20th tornado. Thankfully no loss of life, but they were renting without insurance. Their 2nd wedding anniversary is tomorrow, so they are starting anew again. If anyone would like to assist them, please go to their website, which also has photos of the sheer power of this storm: www.joshandbritneysayes.com I also want to publicly thank those of you on this website for your generosity so far. You know who you are. ck
  4. There is Van, and then there is everyone else. He is just the best at what he does. ck
  5. Actually the ebay post is the the 18" SVT cap machined by the seller to fit the 20" alcoa wheels.
  6. Jer, Are these ready to be ordered now for the 20" Alcoas? Price?
  7. the center caps for the KR only have "shelby automobiles" on them. They are not like the 20" center caps Jer is producing.
  8. There are two on the GT500s from 2007-up. The shorter one on the driver's side and the longer one on the passenger side that Van is replacing with the Thump. I actually bought an extra one for my 08. -ck
  9. Well, I just got a full front kit from Revan Racing, so I guess you have to go to the right vendor. ck
  10. I was underground in the DC metro subway when it hit. It was not too bad, but at the time I that the time had come! ck
  11. I honestly don't know if there is a difference and I have had both. I am sure there is, but I never got the gadgets or got down and dirty to see. I do know Van's gear answers the mail. What I also know is that Van gets the award for tech assistance and customer service. He has helped me several times with this and other products that aren't even been his. So if it is a close call, I would go with Van's product, just to get the pleasure of dealing with him. ck
  12. I called today and they made this happen. I even ordered some more parts too!! Thanks Robert!!!! ck
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