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    Track Days! Love muscle cars. Used to have a 1970 Z28 Camaro when I was younger. I'm going for my race license this year if the planets line up right! Also love to Autocross when I can.
  1. Did the 2006 GT-H come with a rear spoiler?
  2. Just got a nice new front bumper cover thanks to someone elses insurance company. Employee back into it at work. oopps! New cover is awesome no scratches anymore!
  3. Finally got around to putting some parts on the Boss 302 today that I've had for months. A rear axle fluid overflow tank which will catch the expanding axle fluid during track sessions. Also installed some Aluminum Lower Control arms I got on sale at christmas time. They are a much better piece than the stock Ford pieces. The Tank is a Bob's Auto Sports Racing unit which came stock on the GT500KR. A very quality piece too.
  4. More pictures after a few decals and the new carbon fiber intake. Wanting to plastidip the radiator cover just for fun as I added Carbon fiber hood props to get rid of the hood prop.
  5. The 2008 Shelby GT resides with the EX now so on to other cars mainly this one. 2012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca. Bought it at O.C. Welch in Hardeeville S.C. What a hoot to drive. Looking forward to my first track day. See some of you at Charlotte in April.
  6. When my Shelby GT overheated on the track in the summer in Georgia I installed a 3 core Mishimoto Aluminum radiator. 279 I believe and problem solved. I run the Paxton Supercharger setup.
  7. I had those rotors all the way around until a track day a Little Talladega Grand Prix. It was the summer and after a 15 minute session all four rotors cracked in between the drill holes. That was before I installed the brake cooling ducts I think. I'll never use drilled rotors again. Slotted and Hawk DTC 70 pads for my track days now. I use the HPS pads on the rear and they hold up well.
  8. Anpac wants to charge me 657.00 for six months! No thanks. I live in Douglasville Georgia.
  9. I run with the S.E. NASA group in their HPDE runs. Lots of fun. I've got about 15 track day events behind me and each one brings more experience and the fact I'm comfortable driving the Shelby on tracks with other cars around it. The most fun you can have with your clothes on!
  10. Mine is "FSTM0VER" I chose it because it's a tribute to jet jockeys who fly Fast Movers.
  11. I don't have black rims but if you have traction issues be sure to check out Lower control arm relocation brackets. The LCA on the 07-08 Shelby when it comes from the factory has the LCA positioned wrong for good traction. I installed new BBR LCA's and lowering brackets on my 08 I can can feel a big difference in the way the car accelerates and its harder to break loose the tires now (I'm supercharged to). There is another good thread here somewhere which explains the science behind the different positions a lower control arm causes by being lower in the back than in the front.
  12. I installed the Steeda delete plates when I installed my Paxton setup. I have no dead spots that I've noticed. I still was able to use my aluminum Shelby strut tower brace with the stock manifold.
  13. Never watched one show ever. so it won't bother me any. This from a 200,000 mile motorcycle rider.......................
  14. I started by just adding the Paxton SL1200 kit. 444 RWHP and I've not had to upgrade the clutch, drive shaft etc. Kit came with the Kenne Bell boost-a-pump. I haven't added guages yet, can't make up my mind on them. I don't drag race but I do road race. Paxton is perfect for that because the engine stays in the higher RPM range where the Paxton makes great power. Start with a basic supercharger then add goodies as funds come along. You don't have to get the whole enchilada at first. I did buy an oil catch can soon after I installed the supercharger.
  15. I use Amsoil 5W-20 full Synthetic and their oil filters. There was a giant oil thread a while back that had lots of data and studies. Use what makes you feel comfortable.
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