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  1. The steel insert that allows the magnets to work on this fuel door keeps coming off. RTV silicone adhesive, superglue and whatever the manufacturer used hasn't worked. Anybody found something that DOES work?
  2. Well, took it into the local shop I trust and it turned out both Schrader(?) valves were leaking. Over half the freon was gone. Got car back in 90 minutes and so far everything seems back to normal. Total bill $103.
  3. Just for giggles & grins - what happens to the old inflators? Last time I heard there were around 37 MILLION of these things getting replaced? That's one big pile of ammonium nitrate explosive...
  4. I had the drivers side done some time ago. Got the car back with three nice new scratches on the center console. Told the service managers about it and they were completely uninterested. Last week took it back in to same dealer to have passenger side done. Service manager wrote it up & asked for keys. I declined and said when you are ready for it you come get me. I never left the drivers seat while it was done. Easy job, about 20 minutes.
  5. Finally taking a long-anticipated driving trip thru the Northeast 8-24 thru 9-1. Will there be any notable Mustang related events to go to? Those of you familiar with this area - what are the "can't miss" things I need to do/see? Thanks, Shelbyville
  6. It has been an unusually busy spring and just now got a chance to take a drive with the local Mustang club. Heat index of 111* and the AC decides now is a good time to quit! Who else has had this happen and what turned out to be the fix? I'm hoping all it needs is recharged? Temps are back to more or less normal and it still is not working right.
  7. SIGH I remember when this forum got traffic like that...
  8. Man, you are lucky! I would LOVE to be able to drive my Shelby thru the mountains. As it is, the closest I can get to that is to drive it around Brown County State Park. Greatest elevation change of maybe a couple hundred feet Or a multiple level parking garage...
  9. Hey, just wondering when the appropriate time will be to start the 2019 (2020?) GT500 topic? Finally!! A new Shelby that won't make all my GT500 stuff obsolete if I get one
  10. Sounds great! We have had fun every time we have gone to Dearborn for Shelby / Mustang events. Can only do the weekend events this time, unfortunately. The wife and I are definitely in and may even bring the son & daughter-in-law (future Mustang aficionados:). Is there an email list we need to be on to stay up to date on announcements?
  11. My wife & I have talked about doing a trip like this for years. If you ever decide to get serious about this we are in!
  12. So.......when you post a pic on here you don't want people thousands of miles away from you seeing your plate and finding out where you live because they might drive thousands of miles to steal your car. But when you drive around WHERE YOU LIVE you DON'T cover your plate....
  13. Mine says VENOM which gets a lot of compliments. Off topic (sorta) what's with all these guys blurring out their plate when they post pics?
  14. Y'all may not have final build numbers yet, but you could tell us how many you have built so far...if you wanted to
  15. So far, I have yet to see a car that would make me seriously consider trading.....but man, this one really comes close
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