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  1. SIGH I remember when this forum got traffic like that...
  2. Man, you are lucky! I would LOVE to be able to drive my Shelby thru the mountains. As it is, the closest I can get to that is to drive it around Brown County State Park. Greatest elevation change of maybe a couple hundred feet Or a multiple level parking garage...
  3. Hey, just wondering when the appropriate time will be to start the 2019 (2020?) GT500 topic? Finally!! A new Shelby that won't make all my GT500 stuff obsolete if I get one
  4. Sounds great! We have had fun every time we have gone to Dearborn for Shelby / Mustang events. Can only do the weekend events this time, unfortunately. The wife and I are definitely in and may even bring the son & daughter-in-law (future Mustang aficionados:). Is there an email list we need to be on to stay up to date on announcements?
  5. My wife & I have talked about doing a trip like this for years. If you ever decide to get serious about this we are in!
  6. So.......when you post a pic on here you don't want people thousands of miles away from you seeing your plate and finding out where you live because they might drive thousands of miles to steal your car. But when you drive around WHERE YOU LIVE you DON'T cover your plate....
  7. Mine says VENOM which gets a lot of compliments. Off topic (sorta) what's with all these guys blurring out their plate when they post pics?
  8. Y'all may not have final build numbers yet, but you could tell us how many you have built so far...if you wanted to
  9. So far, I have yet to see a car that would make me seriously consider trading.....but man, this one really comes close
  10. It seems the big controversy is over dragging debris across the paint. But assuming you are starting with a dirty car - how is ANYTHING you use to wash it not going to drag debris across the paint? Would seem that a jelly blade used on a freshly washed (clean) car would be pretty inconsequential. A side note - once tried an air compressor to dry the car - didn't work! Just blasted the water droplets into smaller drops and moved them around. And yes, I ran the air thru a filter
  11. I use a jelly blade follow by a Stihl leaf blower. Works great. But my car is white...
  12. Search is your friend. All this was covered 10 years ago. JMHO can't beat an H-pipe and KRs.
  13. 101st is now history and it was a great race. One spectacular wreck that I'm sure will be the only thing the major news channels will show of the race. While watching it I wondered why it seems that the official vehicles are pretty much always GM. Does Ford not have an "in" at this event or are they just not interested? Also, any chance Ford will build an engine that could be used in Indy Car?
  14. Oh, my lord, you guys are giving me a headache...... Ok, lets say you are married on July 15, 2000. Do you celebrate your first anniversary on July 16, 2000? Why not? You're ON your first year of marriage!! No, you celebrate it July 15, 2000 ONE when you have COMPLETED one year of marriage. Ten year anniversary will be July 16, 2000 TEN (2010) when you have COMPLETED 10 years of being married. For the life of me, I don't know why this is even a discussion
  15. To anyone involved with setting this up - thank you! The MORE parking was excellent. Nice being on pavement instead of grass and being right next to the Ford Performance exhibit was even better! Got my wife to sit in the drivers seat of a GT350 and she LIKED it! :happy feet: And then she sat in the passenger seat and it all went to hell because there was no vertical adjustment and she couldn't see over the dash.
  16. So, did anyone make the parade and this event? I was number 325 in the parade (out of 571(?)) so I didn't even try. And then to top it all off, we weren't even CLOSE to breaking the record!
  17. I attended the MCA Disney event and also pretty much decided never to do one of those again. But a chance to do one at IMS is just too good to pass up! So, MCA, here is your chance to change a bunch of people's minds. Show us what you can do right!
  18. No fb here either. Waste far too much time on the computer as it is!
  19. An official Team Shelby event in my backyard!! I am so excited! BUT, I am signed up for the parade and want to be a part of history there as well . And no one seems to know for sure when we will be able to leave the parade....
  20. Yoda? Is that you?! Long time, no see!
  21. I always thought a good project would be to get a truck lid from a junkyard, remove the zit on top and the brake light on back & paint to match the car. Move the brake light to inside top of rear glass. Then would have much more room to work with when moving the letters and I think would look way better. Has anyone already done this and posted pictures?
  22. Nowhere did the ORIGINAL poster mention the BASH.......only "Team Shelby". 10th anniversary of TEAM SHELBY is in 2018. Are we done here?
  23. Then the 10 year anniversary of Team Shelby occurs in 2018.
  24. I will be at track but hope I don't have to choose between this and the world record attempt. Just to confirm, it will cost me $100. to get me and my wife into this event as non-members?
  25. I don't have a convertible or folding rear seats so it is going to have to fit in the regular trunk. Most of the shows I go to are with the local Mustang club and are smaller shows. I plan on welding up some steel plates to fit around the legs and extend out far enough a car can park on them.
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