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  1. Hey I ran the DWS on my Shelby Gt after doing a long research on them and actually drove in the snow and ice rain. They ran great total confidence you actually get great traction. But as in any cold weather you never relax but they will put some ease in driving.
  2. Thanks bud its tough to do the simplest things even signing on to this site. My girlfriend pushes me hard to get paperwork done and still haven't even done my taxes. All I have to do is give it to my families accountant. Depression sucks the big one. I miss chatting with you guys
  3. Thank you guys and your a fun bunch to hang with along with the wives. You guys are lucky men to have fun and car loving women.
  4. I finally made it to Mr. Wicked nationals !!! I was extremely late it was a chore to get out of bed and into my car. But well worth it I had my own personal valet (mike son and and a great kid ). As always its a great pleasure to see Mike and Dale a great couple and a great strong point in my life and Mike is a great friend too me and will never be forgotten. Dale is awesome and treats me extremely well and always make me feel comfortable and lets me speak my mind and my troubles. I cannot leave out Luca one great dog and handsome at that !!! But I want to say thank you to all the great and caring Team Shelby members that I met and spoke too !!! I have to admit it was very uncomfortable at first being there it took a lot of energy to go !!! I kept to myself except talking with mike then hid inside with luca and Dale for a while. But I went back out and honestly cannot remember which member came up to me and got me going and from there we spoke to others. You guys gave me a lot of kind words and advice and support and made me feel comfortable speaking. Even when I mentioned my cutting incident of my arm with a razor !!! Not a smart thing but I had no other way to release my anger and tired of smashing things it gets expensive. I mentioned that things still haven't gotten better still in court and everytime I see my 6yr old she tells me something that hurts me or a demand from my ex. But somehow it gets turned around on me even with a supervisor listening to every word. It will be a year next month and still have not gotten any of my clothing or personal property the judge is fine with that. I was ripped off by my first lawyer my second lawyer is a joke he showed up to court and didn't argue over having my order of protection extended. It seems yelling in NY is a felony !!!! But again I thank you all for your support and kind words !!!! As Mr. Wicked knows if I can do anything for anyone of you guys and I am able too feel free to ask.
  5. I would drive that in a heart beat my kind of style !!!! Crazy
  6. I have to go cash in change I stole from my moms room. So I can have food money maybe God will bless me with some more change.
  7. I do believe in God and have cursed at him. I have screamed at him and have asked why a child was murdered by her uncle. I have asked GOD why am I being punished from the day after 9/11. My life has been nothing but torture. I am reminded of that day everyday. I told my shrink that by not allowing me to go down to the towers. It did more damage than good. I said maybe it was my time to leave this earth or me being down there would have changed something. But even when I got dragged into the hospital by the cops a couple of months ago. I had to speak to the attending shrink. With 2 cops there she asked me what got you to this point in your life. So I start rattling off my bad luck from 9/11. She stopped me half way she said please stop. How haven't you not killed yourself yet. The 2 cops uncuffed me. They didn't know what to say. So where is God ??? I curse every morning when I wake up. I read his bible I say prayers. Why doesn't he answer me I have done enough good to out way the bad. I use to drive all the supervisors why cause one we are friends. They know I would stand in between them and a bullet. Look at where I am now I have to make a deal with the devil my mother. She loves the fact I am damaged and need her money to get back on my feet. So I can see my baby. She told me this morning just see your daughter once a year. Yes the devil has spoken. The rest of the family enjoy me hurting to see a good hearted person get kicked. So where is God to pick me up. I tried to kill myself last week by swallowing a bunch of pills. I still woke up cursing God. Even my daughters birth was ruined it was suppose to be a great day. She came out blue they did CPR for 10 mins. They saved her but again nothing easy always a price !! When will God let me one thing go good??? When at my funeral And to even say this about my family. I went out and bought a nice suit. So if I die I don't want the douches fighting over paying for suit. My mom thought that was a good and nice thought. I'm here God waiting !!!!
  8. Thanks Mike for the kind words and like I said. I'm a giver and a protector and been that way all my life. I always was the first to donate to a sick kid or a victim of a crime. I have many of times handed over my last 20.00. I never counted on my family for any support other than my dads money. But I know that my dad figured I would always do good things with the money. Besides my car addiction.
  9. Sorry for your troubles if I hit lotto your on my list to give too. My kid cousin married a lazy man he wants a big paying job. So he like to get fired a lot they have one kid. I would give them money and gift cards for food. But I don't ask in return they should what was do to them. But not in my family they are to greedy to help even family out.
  10. Bud believe me I wish it was that easy and you have to remember. I am on Staten island. Even the priest here are shallow they want money for you to speak to them. To become a Godparent. I needed that piece of paper from the church. My church that I use to go to wanted know when was the last time a donation was made. So I laughed at the priest I got my letter from a Church in the city where the priest knew me. He was not happy with my old church. I wish to stop taking these meds and hopefully when this divorce is over. I can back off them again but for now. I am a mess with out them especially going to sleep and dreaming. Sleeping can be dangerous my girlfriend realized that when I did a side kick in bed just missing her. Or I have a dream that so violent that I shake in my sleep trying to wake myself up. My girlfriend did know what was going on so she woke me. Its like Freddy cruger dreams.
  11. Thanks guys and as I told my doctors the writing is on the wall. I have talked out every bad scenario from 9/11 on. It haunts me and taunts me. I can not tell you how many times I pick up a receipt and there is 9/11 on it. My doctors cannot answer my bad luck and reminders of 9/11. I picked up the Bible and even say prays and nothing. I blame God for my misery and bad luck. I know for a fact I done enough good to make into heaven. So why am I in hell. I am exhausted from fighting to be happy. I am not winning this race all out of gas and no juice left in the bottle. So if anyone of you guys figure a better race for me to win.. Please tell me!! Oh this the best part I tried to get back into mental health hospital. They said I need to pay my medicare copay deductible its 1100.00 and then my blue Cross is another 300.00. So I have plenty of insurance but cannot afford the deductible. I ask for help and I have to come up with money. I laughed at the person she said what's so funny. I said if I don't laugh I will get angry and we don't want that to happen. Work hard and get screwed.!!!
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