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  1. Great photos Rob - recalling wonderful memories from your great events! Thanks for posting. LISA
  2. It's Glen's wife, Lisa here. I want to thank all of you for your kind and comforting words.
  3. all about the people who become family and friends what you drive does not matter being there for your team mates is what counts.if i was able it would be great to meet up but i know i cannot make it back it back in my current health.
  4. Thanks Dan!! guess I was grasping at a straw my GP's feedback from the MRI report not good at all. Glen
  5. Not looking good for us making it, as some of you know Lisa and I have not had a good time for the past 7 months or so . I hope the cadre of doctors we have can give us enough information over the next week or so and maybe we catch a last minute flight. we will find ya'll if we make it Glen
  6. I would get the cash from the trucking firm then get an interior upgrade. Never to early to start mods. lOL Welcome to TS
  7. South is no always best try tires 1010 I got a local dealer to beet their price under 2k out the door for pilots sa3 will suite our weather fine.
  8. Could be heading In a SE direction in 5 or 6 weeks. Have arranged with the saw bones for a full month off treatment. He said a month in the big picture is not going to matter shit with my life span. So with some good luck my driver (Lisa) and I will see y'all on the first. I should be easy to spot I will be the one who glows In the dark LOL Glen
  9. +++ Drive it you will never know when the doctor will say you can not drive it any more! 60 k on the 07 sng 15k on the 13 Not quite the same from the passenger seat although the wife drives them very well
  10. I have had both of the 500s tuned for 91. Sure you loose some hp but who knows what is really coming out of the pump in some little town or how old the gas is. Better safe than BOOM
  11. Have not opened it yet so no number 750 all in
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