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  1. Welcome Harold to the Team Shelby family. I installed an original brake cooling kit on my 2008 KR about 6 months ago, I found it on Ebay in a mint box that a previous KR owner was selling. I still have the original sealed box with cooling kit that came with my KR and not willing to give it up at this time. I will be on the lookout for another cooling kit and let you know when I find one!
  2. I was just on ebay looking for a stripe kit for my 2008 GT500KR and noticed (vehiclevinylpros) are selling one complete set both sides for 07/Shelby Gt in silver for $39.99 with free shipping. shelbylou
  3. Yes it is!!! Thank you so much for the heads up on this one!!!!
  4. I have a 2008 shelby gt 500 kr, silver with blue stripes and can't find a 1/18 diecast for sale anywhere online. I do know this diecast was a limited edition of #1,200 made. Any Team members out there have more than one they would be willing to sell. PLEASE!!!
  5. I just recently purchased a 2008 Shelby GT500KR #0871 (silver/blue stripes) and it came with the original tires and wheels plus the original splitter that were removed from the car the day the first owner brought the car home. He purchased a new set of Shelby 20" wheels and tires with spinners and a regular GT500 splitter that are currently on the car. He also purchased 2 master cylinder caps, the blue and black steering wheel, console cover and shift boot plus the blue GT500kr shift ball. I too am interested in obtaining a KR poker chip and am willing pay up plus throw in one of my master cylinder caps if you don't have one already. I am a disabled veteran and trying to spend the time to log on my computer trying to locate this chip is very hard for me to do. If you would be willing to part with one of your poker chips it really make my day!!!!! Shelbylou
  6. This is exactly what I am looking for. Are you interested in selling? If so how much? Thank you for responding, Shelbylou Sorry, it has taken a few days to get back to you as my wife and I take care of her parents who are still living in there home. They are 89 and 91 and take up a lot of our time.
  7. What I meant to ask in my first post was, Does anyone no where I can get the aluminum fuse box cover that has the snake and GT500KR lettering etched on the top? I've seen a picture of one but have no idea where I could get one. Thank you in advance shelbylou.
  8. Any KR members have an extra Fuse Box Cover? Will pay up if need be.
  9. Steve, thanks for the information on 07H387! I will check out the carfax and see if it's out their somewhere. Just thought it would be a great birthday gift for the wife and is an automatic. shelbylou
  10. Anyone of our team members own 2007 GT-H #387? We own Shelby GT #387 which I drive and I would like to purchase 2007 Shelby GT-H #387 for my wife's birthday if possible. shelbylou
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