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  1. I reached out to the Seller of that car, i asked them about the Transmission There were six cars total five of them were crushed one of them was a fake automatic for some of the shots but this was the main car for beauty shots. All documented by the owner of the production company. Yes this car is a Manual Transmission
  2. That is what is throwing me off. The car in the photo has an Automatic Transmission, but the eBay listing says its a Manual Trans
  3. First off, i will admit i was trying to find this car a few years ago. It looks like it is on eBay for a cool $150,000 https://www.ebay.com/itm/283649860290 However i am thrown off a bit, i thought they changed the transmission from a Manual to an Automatic for the Hero car so the actor could drive the car without having to Shift Gears
  4. a Shelby-ized 2020 Explorer ST would be kinda sweet to see
  5. Kinda wonder where that car is now. it looked pretty sweet
  6. When i was at the Ford Nationals at Carlisle this year, i saw someone run those wheels on their 07-09 GT500. It looked good, unfortunately, i dont remember what the tire sizes were. Maybe a 275 (20x9.5) up front and a 305/315 (20x11) in the rear?
  7. I have 2 chairs in my trunk and the factory subwoofer just gets in the way when trying to put the chairs back in. I could live with that kicker system because it is more flush with the wheel well and not sticking out as much as the factory 1000. Where would someone find this Shelby Kicker Subwoofer? I looked on ShelbyStore.com and couldnt find it. Also would this be a plug and play replacement for the Shaker 1000 or would i need to do some wiring?
  8. Is there a plug and play replacement type thing available for the factory Shaker 1000? Since i take my 2007 GT500 to car shows i am very limited on trunk space because of the Subwoofer. Would like to find something that is smaller that fits better in the trunk.
  9. Yea, i enjoy the brand of diecast as well. I have 12 1:18th cars, and not sure how many i have of the 1:64th stuff. There is only 2 more 1:18th stuff i look for occasionally. Would like to get the blue Cobra SuperSnake plus the GT500 SuperSnake 427 Pace Car I am more of a GT500 guy compared to a Shelby GT......so that is why i may consider selling it.
  10. Just wondering, i have a white and silver 2007 Shelby GT 1:18th Diecast that is from Shelby Collectibles still in the box. I am debating about selling it, i looked on eBay and noticed no-one else has one for sell. Does anyone know what this car would be worth?
  11. What do you mean? I thought everything was 100% accurate like when the Jedi's blew up the Death Star. Wasn't that event in your History books? 😁
  12. If you are talking about the Venice wheels that were on the Shelby GT and the Signature Series SuperSnakes. I remember seeing them for sale, however they have been discontinued.
  13. be interesting it would be a GT500 SuperSnake....but doubt that
  14. Thanks for the info, luckily the curb rash is on the lip near the tire and not on the actual face of the wheel
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