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  1. Hello Team Sheby Members and Guests, I wanted to start this Thread for Drag Racing at Milan Dragway in Milan Michigan. They have A Test N Tune Session on most every Wednesday that starts at 4pm. http://milandragway.com/2002/races/wednesday.html Any one interested in going this Wednesday " June 15, 2011. Please PM me or Post a Response on this thread for now and future Test and Tune Sessions. Scotty g.
  2. HI kris, I personally never leave my traction control on. What i was reffering to when speaking about my launch control was my own ability to have the car at the right RPM"s when leave the tree and making sure i have the right psi in my rear tires to minimize any loss of traction or wheel spin. I hope this helps ; B.O.L. Scotty
  3. Very nice time Randy !!! I plan at being at Milan Dragway for Weds the 15th's Test n Tune. I will be sporting my GT/SC TO GET SOME SHAKE DOWN RUNS AND WAKE UP MY CHRISTMAS TREE TIMING. N LAUNCH CONTROL. So I look forward to running my car on some new Widen Alcoa's n Nittos street n DR's in back. I wiil be shooting for 1.6 - 1.8 60ft times and around 11.50 - 11.90's. @ 116- 124 Mph. Drag Racing Rocks !!! :happy feet: :happy feet: Scotty g
  4. I like my Cars rare ; I guess that's just the way I roll ; peace out !!! :happy feet: Scotty
  5. Yes there is a significant difference especially on 80 + degree days. That being said, if you track the car you will notice that your car will not be retarding the timing as much or any at all. It is one of the best mods you can do for a supercharged car of any kind. Scotty
  6. You should be happy preproduction cars always are a highly desirable vehicle and often worth more than a regularly numbered production numbered car ?
  7. What's the matter Warren afraid to go to the drag strip ? This just sounds like another one of your excuses for no time slip. Why don't you just go to the track like you have stated you where going to do and repeat the trap speed that you have repeatedly claimed that you have done. Now you are trying to weasle your way out of it and hoping that the drag strip can find a time slip that did not ever exist. What excuse is next you sprained your ankle and you can not push your clutch in to shift. All I know if someone was calling me out I would be at that drag strip to show them no matter what that I am not full of it and put down the run and speed that I knew I had already done and show that time slip to them and have them stick it where the sun don't shine. After all you did state that you have all the boost and more power than the 2011 5.0 Mustang that Lethal Performance has and they ran a 10.39 at 133 mph. So a Trap Speed of 129 should be a walk in the park for you let alone a high 10 second run. Oh ya one last question what was the number that was assigned to your car and written on you window ? I figure I better ask that now before you post this mystery time slip that the Drag Strip is trying to find and what date was your 129 Trap Speed on ?
  8. Well Warren this just sounds like another one of your excuses for no proof.
  9. Then that must make you the official Grand Poobah for the Team Shelby B.S. Club. So enjoy your throne and the hip waiters are on there way for all the other members. Additionally, i am not a hater, but I can not stand a person that has blantently and repeatedly change their story of how they have accomplished something they have not. I can not wait for you to prove me wrong tomorrow when you go to the Drag Strip. Do not forget to video and your time slip.I will say it one more time for you Warren " Put up or shut up ". You must like being proven wrong for you keep on coming back for more and if you did know anything about Drag Racing you would stop coming back for more until you actually accomplish what you have portedly already done. Oh yah do not be nervous at the track tomorrow for only all of the Team Shelby Members that have been listening to your stories are waiting for you to prove that you are not full of B,S. You might want to get some advice on what to do when you get to the Drag Strip so you do not choke.
  10. Do not forget to bring you video camera and to keep your time slip with your cars number and a picture of your car with the number on your window.
  11. Talk is cheap Warren and you have no proof. Additionally Lethal's Trap Speed was obtained with an amazing 60 ft. time which you are failing to realize is how they obtained 133 mph and their low 10 second pass with an expert 1/4 mile driver. There is no way you had a Trap Speed of 129 mph with a 2.20 60 ft.time and with only one or two passes under your belt. It does and would take at least a dozen if not more passes for an inexperienced driver; that you admitted you are; and that is only one of the reasons that your 60ft.time was a 2.20. So I will end this post here with this to say and I quote " Put up or shut up " You got no proof and everything you have stated to this point about your 60ft.time and bad clutch, also missing a gear and coasting thru the Speed Trap lights substanciates the fact that you could not and did hit the 129 mph mark and are a bunch of excuses. One last thing you also claimed on another Thread that you had done an 11 second pass and then had to admitt to having done it on a simulator or dyno. Even if your car is capable ; you are not ; it takes countless runs down a 1/4 mile before you can obtain the results that the expert driver for Lethal Performance had done and that is the bottom line. It would be just like saying you ran the same Lap Times as Gary Davis at the Las Vegas Bash. So pass whatever you have been smoking or post your time slips. I am done with your stories and lack of proof and experience on a 1/4 mile. This is so pathetic that you do not even realize that you are full of it ; I am sorry to say. I look forward to your time slip or video proving me wrong. This thread has been a total joke so I am done with all of your excuses and rationalizations. I repeat what I stated earlier. " Put up or shut up " !!!
  12. Thank you !!! ; Gator for proving all of my points in my previous posts for me on this and another thread in the GT350 section. Further more the points that you bolded are exactly what I was getting at when calling Warren out on his cars Trap Speed. Additionally, his car is not the same as Lethal Performances 2011 Mustang 5.0 as he porported it to be. So thank you again for posting this information and substanciating all of my points not to mention the 60ft times, Trap Speeds and the C16 Fuel Lethal was running. When you have been down a Drag Strip 200 plus times there is no way of getting us people to believe what your saying when you know that what you have been told just does not add up and the Performance Calculator and this post from Lethal Performance proves it. Respectfully, Scotty g.
  13. Congrats on your numbers !!! They are awesome so enjoy the extra ponies. :happy feet: Scotty
  14. Hey Warren , Not only do i have pictures of me and my uncle, but I also have a copy of his and Obama's birth certificates. Scotty
  15. i will tell you this about Trap Speeds or more specifically for your car and its weight with the driver and the 373 or 355 ring n pinion gears you have and the horsepower that you have and not to mention your 60ft time. Those items being what they are on your car you would had to have a much better 60ft time ; 1.6 - 1.8 ; and some where in the 650 RWHP range to make up the speed you would have lost with a 2.20 or so 60ft time in the 1/4 mile. Your mechanic might know how to turn a wrench , but he don't no sh*t about drag racing and 60ft times and how that correlates to Trap Speeds and how Trap Speed are directly related to you RWHP. In regards to my credentials as it pertains to drag racing. You can ask any Ford Racing Enginer or persons from SVT that was in attendence at the 2000 SVT Experinece at Milan Dragway in MIchigan. When my car won seven rounds in a row and calminated with a head to head win over the Ford Racing owned 2000 Cobra R which I beat on that day with my White with a Tan Top 1999 SVT Cobra Convertible Tuned by Paul Svinicki of Pauls High Performance in Jackson Michigan. In addition I also in round 2 beat a Mustang owned and driven by Greg Anderson of Anderson Ford Motorsports and NHRA fame. Just as a side bar i have an Uncle his name is Doug Wickham. If that name is familar it should be for he was a Top Fuel Dragster Driver for 20 plus years and was the 8th man in the history of drag racing to top the 200 mph mark. That being said, I started drag racing on the streets and on the track when i was 15 years old with my Uncle Doug as my Mentor and Teacher. So I just might know a thing or two about Drag Racing and 1/4 mile times and Trap Speeds. This is above and beyond my history as an Engineer with Ford Motor Co. and over a half dozen projects that i work on with Ford Racing ; to include the following : 1993 Proto-Type known as "The Sho-Star" an Aerostar with a Taurus SHO Motor in it, 1998 Proto-Type Ford Mustang Flex Fuel Super Stallion , 03 -04 Cobra Mustang and the 2007 Mustang Bullitt. I additionally was in charge of quality control for all of the Ford Nascar and Truck Series 8.8 axle assemblies from 1997 - 2007. Which also was in every Mustang built for the last 30 plus years except for the 03-04 Cobra Mustangs Scotty g.
  16. Exactly Warren this is where all the heat as you call it started. That being said, I hope that you get all the seating you need. More over speaking from my own 200 plus 1/4 mile passes you just do not get into the low or mid 11's without practice no matter how much RWHP you have. So good luck and me and the Crown Royal will be waiting in Michigan no matter what your car runs. Scotty g. :happy feet:
  17. [ quote name=DubbsFaris' timestamp='1306547454' post='1161381] Oh yeah, btw- before you tell me how impossible a 129 is, check this out- http://mustangforums.com/forum/5-0l-v8-technical-discussions/623127-10-74-129mph-for-the-lethal-performance-2011-5-0l.html I'm running 11 lbs of boost and have all other mods this car has minus the working clutch return spring. But, my car has Shelby written on it, so it must be slower, right? Hi Warren, I own Shelby's also so I do not understand your last comment ? I was also wondering if you have a whipple 2.9 supercharger on your GT350 ? And Warren I have read your post about your mods. That being said, you will need WELL OVER 600 RWHP not 588 or 587 RWHP to have a trap speed of 129 mph or faster. I look forward to you proving me wrong and when and if you do i will apoligize publically on this forum and in person at the Dearborn Event. So here's to you substanciating your 129 trap speed and being in the hi 10's, but you will more likely be in the 11.30's - 11.60's with a trap speed of 120 - 125 mph. Only time will tell ; that and a time slip. I wish you the best on your runs. And I still have thoses 1/2 gallons of Crown Royal So no matter what everyone is going to be happy in the end unless you do not like Crown Royal any more ? Scotty g. XOXOX
  18. I guess that I dodged a bullet for I almost took my SGT there for the whipple 550 kit. However after talking with the people there and then talking to " The Budman " the decision to go to SAI was a no brainer. I called Quantum enough times before I did the upgrades on my SGT and they did not give me that warm fuzzy feeling I look for when doing Business professionally or on an individual basis. Because nobody is touching my Shelby unless they make me feel warm and fuzzy. :o Scotty
  19. IMHO, it is no longer a Shelby if it has been rebodied. I do believe that it still would be a Shelby if it was in a wreck and you just were replacing body panels or parts even if it was totaled out and then rebuilt , but not rebodied and the vin # moved to a different car. Scotty
  20. Very nice job and mod Mike and congrats on your new GT350. Scotty
  21. If I may chime in he stated that one of the companies settled out of court. That being said, in most if not all settlements agreements the party that was harmed is not allowed to talk about the other party and that includes not disclosing who they are. The other company that put it in storage only appears to have terrible service and no guaranteed deliver date. It is very hard to get a company to give you an exact date. It is sad for this fellow that he got screwed over by not getting a promise date or a window of 3-5 days which companies such as Fed Ex Auto transport and some of the other carriers will give. Scotty
  22. Thanks Sharon and Robert and Team Shelby crew for having this Event and all your hard work !!! Scotty g.
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