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  1. I use snake oil it makes my trap speeds faster than everybody elses. Scotty
  2. That is for sure btw has anybody seen Warren or his time slips , and dyno sheet. Scotty. XOXOXOX
  3. Car sounds great Warren , but where is the dyno sheet or pdf ? Scotty. ; just asking to see the the RWHP proof. I can not tell how much horsepower you have by the sound of your exhaust. :D
  4. Ah thank you for pointing that out that Warren got a tune n pulley. However, the 588 RWHP is still not enough RWHP for the car to obtain a trap speed of 129 especially with a 2.20 60ft time. Still without a time slip the claims that Warren has made are unsubstanciated. Just use the 1/4 mile calculator. Sorry Warren time slip talks and BS walks end of story. Scotty
  5. So how much RWHP is that Warren ? When did you get this 100 extra HP ? What did you add to your car to give it 100 more H.P and is that at the rear wheels ? Also Warren why did you or your brother not tell us all about the additional mods that gave you this H.P in all of your previous Team Shelby posts about your car or are they top secret. You have told us about everthing else about your car ,but some how neglected or forgot to tell us about how you are making 100 more H.P on yout 624-R tune n the other mods you must have done to get that extra power ; Once again I love you and your brother and all that you do for Team Shelby. However to be frank Warren the Storytail that you are weaving is getting deep. I have been down the track way to many times to believe your claims especially without proof , no time or dyno slips , 2.20 60ft times and bad clutch etc No time or dyno slips the rest is BS end of your story. When you get a smaller pulley and or some forged internals or ported cylinders heads and or headers then I will believe you and so will everybody else. Bol I still have a couple half gallons of Crown for you and the gang for the Dearborn Event. :happy feet: Scotty
  6. Thank you Captain for posting the factual information on the GT350 and the true quarter mile times of the 624 HP car. There have been some claims of sorts about its alledged 1/4 mile times and Trap Speeds in the Team Shelby threads in the GT350 Section. Now we know the truth or aleast as close as you can come with some real reporting and actual testing without the Cool-aid induced stories of a few GT350 owners. Thanks Scotty
  7. I easily have over 200 trips down the drag strip in various Mustangs over the years and i would have to admitt that a Trap Speed of 129 in your Mustang is possible, but not with a 2.20 60 ft time it would only be possible if your car was putting out over 600 plus RWHP ; which its not ; especially if it did not have drag radials or slicks on the car period. I do not care about the 1/4 mile time , but the Trap speed is not possible since your car has under 600 RWHP and had such a poor of a 60ft time. I am sorry to say Sean and Warren. I LOVE YOU GUYS : HOWEVER THE TRAP SPEED NUMBER JUST DOES NOT ADD UP EVEN ON A 1/4 MILE PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR.; Especially with the clutch issue you had and the 60ft time. I will say this the car is capable of doing a 129 Trap Speed and about a 11.32 1/4 mile time, but you would need a working clutch and Drag Radials or Slicks and a much better 60 ft time; some where about about or below 1.6 - 1.8 in 60 ft. The car weighs 3650 lbs or more and then add the drivers weight to the total car weight and then calculate the horsepower less 17%; for loss of power from the flywheel H.P of 624 to the rear wheels and the total is 517.92 RWHP. Plug it into the calculator link posted below and see what you get. Even giving you the benefit of doubt and say you have 588 RWHP because you might have a better or special tune the Trap speed you posted is not possible. With out the time slip the posted claims and speed n times are all unsubstanciated. I have given you the tools to prove it. http://www.race-cars.net/calculators/et_calculator.html That being said, i still have a couple of half gallons of Crown waiting for the Dearborn Event. :happy feet: Respectfully, Scotty g
  8. Congrats , It looks like it is in awesome condition !!! So enjoy and let the mods begin !!! :happy feet: Scotty
  9. I would sure like to see the dyno pdf on that mod ESPECIALLY if it is at the RWHP. Scotty
  10. Not enough : the paint on are cars is Sh*ty compared to the paint on previous years ; like in the 80's , 90's. It seems that every time i take one of my Ford cars out on the highway i come home with a new rock chip. That is why i very seldom take my Stangs on the highway and if i do i tend to keep my speeds below 70 mph. Scotty
  11. Awesome results Ukfiveo and congrats !!! :happy feet: So how did the car feel at that speed, was your hood / bonnet lifting significantly and what type of suspension are you running ? Scotty
  12. Good luck on your install and of course do not forget to post your build pictures ; Forum rules !!! Scotty
  13. Hey Warren , Sorry to hear about your car , but I am glad your handling it well and getting parts. Now if you could just convince those dum drunk birds to stay away from the Crown Royal and fly straight you will be all good. BTW ; I have a couple half gallons of Crown waiting for you ,Sean and the rest of the gang for the Dearborn Event. :happy feet: So come rested and ready for fun !!! Scotty g.
  14. You mean like the one i have on my GT/SC.
  16. I am Iron man ; works for me Randy !!!!! Scotty
  17. All I can say is your opinion is valid, but it took many phone calls , a month of waiting and then me threating a sh*t storm and to call John Luft the president of Shelby to final get some answers. It should not have to come down to a customer making threats to get an answer. So Thank you Juan for finally getting out the information on the Deep Draw Hoods. Now the next question I have is the Deep Draw Hood for the GT/SC with Whipple 550 in stock And how much is the total including the hood to ship to 48390 zipe code. Thank you !!! Scotty G.
  18. Thanks Shelby CS6 For getting mine and other members backs on this issue with Shelby Performance Parts and Team Shelby. They could aleast respond ; since it has been a month since i have called the 1st time and multiple times afterwards and posted this thread. The EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT that I and others have had to deal with is sad. You think by now they could figure out a way to address their customers concerns in a timely manner. How ABOUT A DEDICATED THREAD THAT ADDRESS CUSTOMER CONCERNS OR HELP LINE / DESK ? ; OH , ISN"T THIS WHAT THIS SECTION IS FOR ? ; That has the answers and can get them to us in a timely manner. Now if they could answer my questions like they are paid to do that would be great ; since people like me and others members pay their salary with the products we all purchase ; or maybe someone should fire them or they should just quit their jobs if they are so unhappy or unable to fulfill their job requirements. That is how things go in the real world of Corporate Operations, Business ; do your job and do it well and find an answer to the problem or get out or get fired. This might seem harsh, but this is the reality of the Corporate World If you want to stay in business end of story. It is also pathetic that they have a job with a company such as Shelby and live in a state that i would love to call my home, but yet can not get out of their own way to do their jobs. Maybe it's not their fault and they need more help in regards to staffing. However, if this was my company which it effectively is since others and I keep the company going with our purchases and keep Shelby's doors open. Additionally, I would be sh*t canning a whole lot of people and replacing them ASAP If i ran this company and knew how many dollars in sales they are loosing in Parts and Car Upgrade Packages. I WOULD HAVE ALREADY HAD MY GT/SC BACK FOR MORE UPGRADES AND WOULD HAVE ALSO PURCHASED A CONVERTIBLE GTS AND SENT MY NEW 2012 GT500 COUPE TO BE SUPERSNAKED , BUT NO THANKS. NOT UNTILL THEY GET THEIR SH*T TOGETHER AND START FIXING THESE A FOREMENTIONED PROBLEMS OVER !!! Now answer my questions for Gods-sake or i guess i will just call the new President John Luft and ask him what he thinks about this pathetic service and let him take it from there. Respectfully, Tired of being ignored and questions going unanswered. Scotty G.
  19. Can I please get n answer to my questions on the New Deep Draw Hood ? I have repeatedly posted for a response n have called and left several voice mail messages for Robert Lane n even spoke with Tim Hill for about a month. I have money to spend ; you know cash in hand. I just do not understand why SAI WILL NOT RESPOND TO THIS THREAD (WTF). Do I have to show up at the front doors in Vegas to get an answer or just spend another $ 60,000 on a Shelby to get your attention. Scotty G. Wake up SAI / Team Shelby or I will just spend my money somewhere else n buy my cars from Ford and you guys will be history in my book n know more free P.R from me at car events accross America !!! (WTFU)
  20. Not bad at all and if you can get some 18" stock GT500 wheels with some 305/45/18 Mickey Thompson ET drag radial and air them down to 15-16 psi you should be able to run 1.6-1.7 60 ft. Times you should easily be in the mid to lower 11 second area. Scotty
  21. Your install looks great and enjoy the hell out of it. I personally have over 3,000 miles with no belt slippage issues ever ; and that includes 4 drag strip runs and 1 episode of Pinks All Out ; where i won the 11 second class. So enjoy !!! :happy feet: Scotty
  22. I think that all will be happy n the issue resolved when the time slips are posted ; that is the bottom line. The rest is great to hear, but lets see the proof, where are the time slips ?????? Scotty
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