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  1. Greg, If you are looking to get the turn 1 or turn 2 plaque you have to purchase everything on the CS part's list. Belive me I know. I talked to Shelby about this very thing and was told it would not be fair to guy's that have all the required parts. I agree with their postion and have excepted it. This is the ONLY way they have of keeping the CS6/CS8 a "defined" Shelby car. That being said I fear that once the dash plaque has been issued if you change "ANYTHING" (wheels,brakes or anything) then the "defined" car is no longer eligible for consideration as a CS car even thought it has a plaque. in my opinion you cannot have it both ways, this goes for any Shelby.
  2. Anybody ever heard of this?? http://www.topspeed.com/cars/geiger/2011-ford-mustang-shelby-gt640-golden-snake-ar107411.html
  3. Sharon, do you show me as a member or a guest?

  4. Mid South Mustang Club had there first show this weekend and my CS6-X placed 1st in modified mustang & best of show engine bay,best of show modified mustang. Oh Yea, Feelin The Love.
  5. Great pic's, really hated to miss this event. Richard, your car looks awesome!!
  6. here is the after console
  7. Finally done, took 4 days and some re-engineering but it's done. here is before and after pic's. I haven't decided on the user interface yet, leaning towards Centrafuse. Also I haven't completed my mounting setup in the trunk will post pic's when completed. Everything works HD radio,GPS,Web cam and Bluray player and internet.
  8. I'll be there. I'll park next to you Stidog.
  9. Thanks Randy, install shouldn't be too bad. I choose the carputer over the Avic and others for a couple of reasons. Having a full blown PC in your car just seems cool to me also the software is alot more comprehesive and can be customized to the user. The gps software I'm running is Garmin Mobile pc, using the computer's internet connection (Wifi or Smartphone) and based of your gps location, you can search for nearest gas stations (price,grade of fuel) hit the button and bingo turn by turn directions. I found some kick a$$ weather software that gives doppler and next rad real time radar based on your gps location, plus Ill have a web cam in the car to do 1/4 and driveing vid's, I'll have pc HD radio hooked up and OBDII software to monitor realtime engine data. I'll be running pure digital sound from the PC to the 6.1 amp via Toslink connection. Plus I'll be adding the Slimer touch with some custom designed apperance mods. I'll take some before and after shots in a couple of weeks.
  10. Starting a carputer & amp install next week. Will update with pic's during install. Wish me luck.
  11. Slimer will be there. Looking forward to it, had a blast last year.
  12. Hey, the LL is me @ the 45th Anniv in B-Ham AL.
  13. The CS6 was initialy to be the first CSM mustang from SAI but through (IMO) unfortunate circumstances, was sold as a "entusisiat kit" with no CSM#. The concept CS6 sidestripe was silver and had a COBRA logo with supercharged under it and had SHELBY text down the side. The production model changed the Cobra logo to the CS logo. All Shelby CS6 sidestripes were only available in SILVER. By the CS6 being an "Enthusiats Kit" and not having a CSM# you would have the freedom to deviate or modify from the original platform. There only a handful of CS6/CS8 around. The Legend Lime CS is mine. I have a 90% stage 1 CS6. I did not get the razor wheels and have not purchased the Shelby brake kit (as of yet, 2k is pretty stout).I call my CS a CS6-X because I went with a different supercharger.My sidestripe is custom and reflects the difference between an original CS6. I have made many modifications that are custom designed by me to stand out from all other mustangs. Don't know if this helps or not, I'm sure others will chime in.
  14. I've got the Ford Racing X-pipe with JBA shorties and Corsa DB blacks, sounds bada$$ with no drone.
  15. Jason, I think your help and expertise would benefit future CS6/CS8 greatly. I believe you were the one I was dealing with @ HB back in 06 when I started my conversion. I believe I ordered the front fascia from you and the rest threw SAI. I still have that issue where your CS8 was featured. I have great respect for all you've done for the CS program.Even though my CS is heavily Mod'd and I will never get a dash plaque or be able to official register my CS, I still consider my CS6-X as one of the rare CS family. Continued success with your company and thanks for pioneering the Shelby CS6/CS8.
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