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  1. Thanks Jer, I have done the tour and it was great. Some of the best food I had out there was at the Shelby Cafe. Sorry to read that it closed a while back. Don
  2. Saw this and had to order them before I could say ,,, Finally back in stock. Order placed today, any discount on a birthday order ?
  3. AWESOME,,,,, I'll drop mine off tomorrow, how long will you need to have it ?
  4. I have #1928 '08 vist blue, vert, automatic. Love the car , when you get on the gas this thing shifts itself like a manual. I get chirps in the first 3 gears all the time. It is a vista blue ROCKET , love it. did I already say that. Good luck with your search & welcome aboard
  5. my scoop is rivited also, what is the CSM #. Mine is 08 vert #1928
  6. I agree with Ilmor, hope they have a great turnout . A real Tragedy
  7. So are these discontinued ? I have been looking at the store for the last 6 months waiting for them to be back in stock. If they are discontinued then that would explain why I've never gotten an e-mail saying they were back in stock. Seems you can still order them individualy but at a much high cost. Don
  8. Mustang Seven, has your car arrived yet ? I have SGT1928 08 vert auto up here in Mass. Enjoy it Never mind , just found your CSM # posted , have fun in it
  9. ordered 2 on August 26th, any way to get an estimated delivery date ?
  10. ordered 2 of them, glad to see they are available now. Thanks
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