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  1. Sorry.....thought you were someone else :)

  2. It was INSANE today... There were people everywhere! It was amazing to see so many Shelby Enthusiasts running around in one place. I can only imagine what the race is going to be like!
  3. Hey guys. My husband got the dates wrong on his banquet obligation therefore, we are in. I am a bit under the weather today, but provided I am feeling better, we will be making the trip down to Harley Davidson. Hope we are not too late to be added. It would just be us two, my husband and I. Thanks!
  4. Unfortunately, we will not be able to make saturday's party My husband is working a banquet that night. Im sorry guys. But it does look like I will be at the race, even if I can only be there for a short time (this baby is making me crazy!)-- so I will see you there!
  5. HAHAHAHAHA! I almost drove away in that car! YEAH RIGHT-- I cant rock that car like you can, Tom! I will let you know. My husband likes Harley Davidson so he should be stoked! Baby Bubbles is definately growing.. HE (I am having my 3rd boy!) is such a little wiggle worm- my 45 minute ultrasound took 2 1/2 hours! They couldn't get him to sit still long enough to take any pictures! LOL Excited to see everyone next week-- Should be a very very busy week next week! YAY NASCAR!!
  6. LOL.. I am not sure he will appreciate that nick name... LOL BUT, I enjoy being "Bubbles" :happy feet: :happy feet:
  7. Tom, I will ask my husband tonight if we would like to go. I got your voice mail, but I dont have an email in my mailbox?? ehhhh? SOunds like this is going to be the place to be!
  8. Nope, not open on the weekends Only M-F
  9. What a GREAT picture of Carroll! THANK YOU Sharon for the pictures. It's neat that you are sharing the pictures with all of us that couldn't make it out for the showing.
  10. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Three boys is a lot of work-- but my oldest is old enough to help, my middle boy will be pretty self sufficent and then the baby. Not so bad We wouldn't want it any other way- the crazinesses is becoming part of our routine
  11. YAHOO!!!!! Let me say-- I too have seen this car in person and pictures do NOT do it justice.. Its an amazing car... and I can't wait for someone to take me for a RIDE!!!!! I WISH I had the money. WISH WISH WISH!
  12. 7PM Pacific Standard time guys... Its only 4:12PM. I will tell you this-IT WILL BE WORTH THE WAIT. I want one. Real Bad. Please. Need to rob a bank. Thinking seriously about it. It will be worth it for you east coasters to stay up until 10PM. Thats my opinion of course... I will be on at 7--- from my home-- See you all then!
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