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  1. Very nice. Ordered mine December 20th, arrived UPS December 27th. Surprised by that speed. Very good quality...not sticker letters, surface is smooth, back is painted (white) as well, metal is all sealed up. Not at all flimsy, it's 14 gauge steel. Shipped from PhotoSTEEL of Tilton Il.
  2. Thought about the gunmetal razors since silver not available.
  3. Has anyone changed out to a different wheel on their 40th? What's the opinion of changing wheels from the Razors to another Shelby wheel? While I certainly like my chrome razors, I'm considering adding a set of Silver Shelby Venom wheels, 20x9.5 front and 20x10.5 rear with an upsize tire on rear to at least 285/35 or possibly even 305/30, perhaps even move the 275/35s to the front. I'd certainly hang on to the Razors, but virtually no one at car shows I've been to has a clue what a 40th anniversary GT500 is -- even the guys with Shelbys. So while a purist 40th person (which I sort of am) might squirm some at a change (why I'm seeking opinion), no one judging or attending a local car show would know the difference. Thoughts?
  4. Just curious how long they might have used this sticker. See the photo. I have an early VIN 2007 GT500, Build#37. Anybody know anything about the use of this sticker.
  5. I hear you -- but just got confirmation from WHEEL ACCESSORIES USA that they have shipped my order. I ordered 4, and about 30 minutes later go a confirmation they had been shipped USPS priority. Get em while they got em -- might not be available much longer.
  6. Great! I searched that part number - found a number of places that sell them. Looks like $34.99 + $7.75 shipping might be the cheapest. http://shop.wheelacc.com/shelby-1242103099-center-cap-p3883.aspx Thanks for the help! Jay
  7. Is there somewhere to order the Shelby center caps for the Razor Wheels. A couple of mine have gotten cloudy - perhaps others have had this problem. Thanks for any help - I've done some web search, but haven't found.
  8. Wow -- now that looks like exactly what I need! I'll give them a call. Thanks a bunch!!!
  9. Thanks...I'll start down that road. I'm from back when everything was interchangable and compatable...didn't even think about how the thing would need to be re-flashed-programmed as well--perhaps toughest part will be to find a Ford tech who could do anything other than standard flash.
  10. Rear view camera not an option on GT500...guess it is because on the GT it is in the spoiler.
  11. Just got picked up my 2010 GT500 - Black with Silver. Has NAV. Was wondering if could add a rear view camera, perhaps with license place holder. My F-150 has rear view with the NAV system, same or very similar Radio/Nav in the GT500 -- anyone know if can purchase a rear view camera that will connect to my NAV/Radio and show on screen as does in F-150?
  12. Performance White Convertible - stripe delete #37 of 2695 / #6 of 325 07XL0196 confirmed 7/20/07 pending installation at Quantum Performance standard 40th, with M-9603-SVT07 113mm cold air kit & tune, Chrome wheels
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