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  1. I wouldn't be too concerned about livening up a 2013 - 2014! These cars are quite amazing even in stock configuration. I ran some errands this morning and people must think I'm crazy ...whenever I'm at a traffic light I have a huge smile on my face I traded in my '12 for '14 in January...have NO regrets. If your budget allows, I say go find a new '14 and get it the way you want it.
  2. I jumped from a '12 to a '14 this past January and have no regrets whatsoever!
  3. I wasn't a white stripe guy until I bought my DIB w/ white strip in January. I absolutely love the color combo....definitely the fastest color out there! Just enough flash to stand out in a crowd or at the track, but not over the top like some other colors. I just had the windows tinted last week and think it looks even better. Enjoy!
  4. Just had the windows tinted in my 2014 GT500. Went with Pinnacle PI40 (35%)...very happy with the end result. Below is a picture of Indy standing guard while the film cures on the driveway.
  5. So the question that everyone is probably asking...where's the nearest self serve car wash to clean off all the road grime from the trip?
  6. Don't need a dry sump...you need an Accusump. Keeps the system pressurized, even in tight turns and banking. A must for serious road course racers.
  7. For anyone that's looking for a great set of NT-01's with SVT Wheels, please check out this ebay listing... http://www.ebay.com/itm/301113085589?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  8. OK...I can also do a 4 x 6 album of all photos (25 I think) for $100...documenting the entire unveiling.
  9. Digital signature...not hand signed....not for $40 anyway
  10. Can't afford me??? You own a GT500KR....my 8 x 10's from the launch are only $40
  11. On behalf of my advertising agency I personally attended the launch of the GT500KR on April 4, 2007 at the NY Auto Show on the media only day (also previously covered the GT500 and the GT-H). I sat in the press area directly behind Carroll and Cleo. I have a very unique collection of photographs to document this historic day, along with a copy of Carroll's personal speaking notes that he read from with Mark Fields of Ford to introduce the car, If interested you can email me at 70machwon@nc.rr.com.
  12. Love that NAPA sales....best price in town...far better then anything I have ever seen with Motorcraft. Picked up two cases and ordered two more!
  13. $5.99 is GREAT DEAL!!!! Thanks for the tip...just ordered 2 cases.
  14. Always happy to pass along a good reference. They are located in S.C. and turn orders around very quickly. I've been using them for my Super Duty and Shelby's for several years now and their track record (and pricing) is outstanding.
  15. Check out Kmansparts.com. They sell a kit of 9 quarts and filter for $75 or you can get quarts of 5w50 for $7.99
  16. Would love to see pix of your '14 with window tint...thinking of going back to have that done later this month. Anyone heading to the 50th next month?
  17. Just to confirm the real cost...with the $70 early booking discount, three days of open track and full access is only $525 -- that $175 per day....less then the Porsche club on a per day rate. Can't beat that! The club also has consistently donated $3k - $5k every year to various charities.
  18. Appreciate the feedback, but I have never been to any organized track event that gives as much track time at the SCMC....not even close! My last event there I got over 4 hours on track on just one day...that's as much as the Porsche club gives you over a two-day event! And the list of prices that you included are a menu of all possibilities/options and they do not include the early registration discount. I have no plans to do the car show or the hyperdrive so I don't include that in my cost. The dinner functions are also optional. Don't want to eat with the group....you are welcome to dine elsewhere. FYI...track rental rates went up $1,000/day for 2014 with the new surface, the club membership is a whopping $20/year, no participant fee for driver and parade laps are free for those doing HPDE. All-in-all $595 (- $70 discount) is a pretty awesome deal for three days of open track.
  19. Everyone asleep??? Early registration discount ends soon. Sign up today and check out the newly repaved VIR during the "Fastest weekend of the year"
  20. Coming from Wake Forest, NC and staying at Extended Stay in Charlotte. Need one one car/driver to meet our club's MORE 20-car requirement. Anyone want to exhibit with the SVT Cobra Mustang Club?
  21. Went ahead and had a clear bra installed on my 2014 GT500....very impressed with the results. The material used was XPEL and the work was done by TVP in Raleigh, NC (www.tvpauto.com). Based on others recommendations I did NOT cover the stripes and did the following components: front bumper, fog lights, head lights, rockers and mirrors. Here are some pix of the install:
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