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  1. correct https://lmr.com/item/LRS-40526B/mustang-billet-aluminum-fuel-door-05-09 https://www.steeda.com/Scott-Drake-Mustang-Billet-Aluminum-Fuel-Door-Mustang-05-09_p_13172.html
  2. winner winner chicken dinner.........paint um on
  3. motor still is in it just trimming cat hangers Normal gap maybe the angle of the photo?
  4. What do i like about my SGT..... I get to constantly work on it
  5. good comments and assessment
  6. not enough information to help you out.... how many miles on it ? how many owners ? any accidents ? all original or modified ?
  7. Yeah that ain’t happening the Mazda is under water and the truck pulls a horse just will have to have three car payments lol
  8. me too, just need to pay off the Ram2500 and Mazda3 first
  9. great idea my electric tape wears out pretty fast
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