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  1. Exactly and your patches are not made there
  2. Maybe if you paid him, you might move to the front of the line
  3. Agreed great piece but horrible custom per service
  4. I do believe That is the stock intake manifold, not an appearance engine cover, if I am correct
  5. https://www.raceramps.com/car-storage/ramps/p/flatstoppers/?msclkid=98c0d72da5ce1d1338858ae9d2652d44
  6. My pleasure, just relax and breath when you break out the saw and cut the hood buy the rivnut tool
  7. I too have a chip beck hood scoop rivnuts are your friend
  8. Get another set of wheels and have 2 sets one for summer and one for winter
  9. Very cool !! I have thoroughly enjoyed my Fays2 sans name sake tweaking Thanks for sharing
  10. Wow !! I just passed 21,000 miles and am on my third clutch 😂
  11. I had hot rod cams with my Paxton and switched to Detroit rockers i prefer the drive-ability and low rpm idle of the Detroit rockers I made too many simultaneous changes to equate horse power to me they sound very close and very glad I made the switch
  12. Thanks for sharing just bought one on eBay
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