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  1. 8 hours ago, Harold Jones said:

    What is everyone using for an indoor dust-cover type car cover on their GT500KRs?  Periodically, I see factory OEM GT500 covers posted for sale, but I am looking for any feedback regarding their:

    1.  Breath-ability

    2. Softness

    I am assuming the base GT500 is more or less dimensionally the same as my KR.  It would be nice to find something specific to the 2008-2009 GT500KR with the Cobra snake on it, but I am more concerned about function over form.

    Thanks in advance,



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  2. 9 hours ago, SAI-Steven said:

    2007-08 Shelby GT owners, it appears your version of the CSM plaque signs didn't make it to the website but don't worry you haven't been forgotten about. As soon as a part number is assigned to the 07-08 SGT's it will be added to the SPP website.


     Not functioning properly. I added the $200 supersize one to my cart and it is wanting to charge me $100

  3. 9 hours ago, ChicagoChris said:

    Great! Just ordered both.

    Given those fog lights are no longer made, can you produce/offer an extra set of plastic inserts like the ones for the brake duct side? 

    Sure wouldn't want an open hole where the lights would/should go.

    They are 4" round lights nothing special PIAA 5196 is the same size




  4. 1 hour ago, Shelby N.Y. said:

    Ok are we ready for crazy, I called Shelby performance parts yesterday about getting replacement stripes for my SGT , they quoted me...hold on to your hats people, 868.50 for just the LeMans stripes, or 950.00 with the side stripes included. This is not installed on the car this is just the price for the stripes themselves... I'm sorry but that is nuts, for that money I will just get them painted on.

    winner winner chicken dinner.........paint um on

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  5. 2 hours ago, SAI-Steven said:


    If the car is as you've described it would probably be best to have your friends sell the car through one of the large auction houses like Barrett-Jackson, Mecum, Russo & Steele, etc. Yes there will be auction fee's associated with the sale but the net result will likely be more than your friends will get for the car selling it on their own.

    Unfortunately the vintage Shelby's attract some "buyers" who will want to but the car just so they can immediately flip it for a profit. On the surface there is nothing wrong with that except some of these "buyers" will say things that are not necessarily true so they can get the car from your friends at a lower price  just so that they can maximize their profit from immediately reselling the car.

    It does not sound like your friends have the experience to fend off these type of "buyers" and may be taken advantage of.



    Very good advice 

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  6. 8 hours ago, Mongoose said:

    Hey BlackSGT,  

    I felt I really had to pipe in on your over zealous price of $30K for the right buyer! In all honesty, a seller in today’s market would have to wait a very, very long time to come close to that kind of Money!!!     Now if it was a Supercharged Factory Shelby GT for $30K that would be a very good buy!

    In reality, in today’s market, I would venture to say,  LOW ($22k), to  HIGH ($25K) !!   If you look back on this forum what some very nice Shelby GTs with super low miles went for in the end, when they finally did sell, you just might be surprised, I know that I was.    

    I’m not trying to but a damper on the price, I’m just trying to be realistic in today’s market!


    P.S. If I was looking in today's market , Hell, I’d buy it, “but”, there are exceptions at times, and I always like to say: as long as (Buyer & Seller) are “HAPPY”, that’s all that really counts in the end.             

    good comments and assessment

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