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  1. 54 minutes ago, 08SGT1234 said:

    I've never been accused of being a Boy Scout, lol

    The linky not worky.....

    I found it;

    Love the patches from the space programs. One of my team leads at IBM worked at the Space Center from the Mercury through the Apollo programs. She had her office decorated with patches from each of the missions.


    what you talking about willis link works lol

  2. 19 hours ago, Mike G said:

    I too struggled with the decision when buying mine over naturally aspirated and a supercharged conversion. I opted to spend more and get one supercharged. Mine was converted brand new by the original owner with a Kenne Bell unit. I have extensive paper work and belief it was done by his local Ford dealer but I would have to check my papers. It is just my opinion that they are wonderful cars are very well balanced but the extra horse power sure wakes it up and makes it a blast to drive. Go for the extra kick, you wont regret it.  Mike G.



  3. 2 hours ago, Greatgolf7 said:

    Can anyone explain the Paxton and certificate issues? New to Shelby’s and thinking about getting a SGT and adding a SC for DD.

    all has to do with California and emissions and money for Paxton to get certified  search and lots of topics on it in this forum

    I have a Paxton and love it (installed locally)


  4. 7 hours ago, SWEDEMAN said:

    Ok.....I stand corrected. I was referring to the Shelby GT including the GTH. The Paxton’s that did get certified, early cars, were certified and licensed. If you get the chance to drive one you’ll like it. The Paxton’s are not like the Whipple GT/SC’s, I’ve had both. The Whipples are bad ass with incredible power, but you must know how to drive them to get out of the hole. It is a chore too remember, you want to keep the shinny side up! Lol.  The Paxton’s, can come out of the hole very strong and straight, the SC kicks in like an older dual quad car at 2800-3100 rpm’s. IMO. I perfer the Paxton over the Whipple. I now know why Carroll had them slated for all GT/SC’s. It is too bad they didn’t make many before the certification issue, just an incredibly balanced vehicle in all aspects. I have owned both and loved both.

    great explainantion

    I too have had both and prefer my current Paxton over the Whipple for a daily driver

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