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  1. On 10/21/2018 at 8:38 PM, Matts said:

    Thank you so much, Andrew.

    I've been looking everywhere for the trunk carpet. And yeah, I've been on the look out for the stock SGT black wheels, it looks like I'll be going with Shelby Razors instead.

    Not black but the silver stock SGT Wheels that came on the white SGT’s 


    can’t  vouch for seller 

  2. 21 hours ago, Bishop #0447 said:

    Absolutely stunning cars ! My girlfriend loves riding around in it but she doesn’t love the money I’ve poured into it lol. I have a DOB kit that I’m going to attempt to install this winter while car is down. So glad I got the Shelby, great community by far. 

    You should have no issues installing it Jason has great write ups and is easy to work with

    just installed his alternator last week

  3. 1 hour ago, H0050 said:

    Another thought:  If you think it came through the hood pin holes, I would get some help and just remove the hood and stand it up so it could drain through the hood pin holes.  Mark the hood so you know how it is aligned.  It may even have a few spacers / shims.  In addition disconnect the washer line near the passenger side cowl.  You can manipulate the hood to drain.    You could even remove the 4 screws and remove the scratch plate(s).  Avoid drilling any holes.      

    best idea yet

  4. 1 hour ago, Matts said:

    Thank you so much, Andrew.

    I've been looking everywhere for the trunk carpet. And yeah, I've been on the look out for the stock SGT black wheels, it looks like I'll be going with Shelby Razors instead.

    Your welcome and just be careful ordering the carpet so you get the correct one. 

    And congratulations on your new shelby 

  5. 20 minutes ago, Matts said:

    Thank you! I love this car!

    I think the term, "restore" was what I looking for.

    The car is missing stripes over the roof and front bumper. The stripes that are on it now, aren't original. They are aftermarket replacements. They're 9-1/2" stripes with a 1" gap. I can't decide whether to have them painted or find a way to have them replaced.

    The wheels, of course are not original.

    And the hood pins were stolen/lost off the car prior to the purchase, then replaced.

    The trunk carpet is missing and I haven't found a replacement piece for it.

    I've tried lmr.com to find these parts, but they don't carry these items.

    Thank you!

    Dang that blows. No biggie, this car is amazing. I love it!


    Paint the stripes and don’t look back

    Hood pins


    Tasca Ford for your  carpet  depends on if you have the shaker 500 or shaker 1000 with subwoofer in truck below is just a reference  


    Original Wheels will be hard to find 





  6. 16 hours ago, mhr1961 said:

    Not sure of the quality, but you can read up on it yourself, here is a clear bra kit for $289.00., says it fits the GT350 and GT 350 R



    ps: there are some places mentioned in other mustang forums that price installed is only $1000 to $1300 dollars and that is for 3M clear bra.


    I think he is looking for a 2011-2014 Shelby made GT350 not off the assembly line ford GT350 your link is for the aftermentioned


    2015-2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, GT350R 3M Clear Bra Deluxe Paint Protection Kit

  7. 8 minutes ago, BIKEBOY said:

    I’ve not told anyone on this forum this, in more than 12 years. But...I have little to NO interest in auto racing of any kind. None of my family or close friends can believe it. Even , my pop and my Grand pop who were car guys, could not believe it either. 

    I suppose it relates to the fact that I have NEVER shown any of my cars at a car show....ever. My passion in life is cars. All things cars, but I have never cared to sit and watch auto racing. That said, I love to go fast, and have enjoyed two separate wonderful weekends racing at Bob Bondurants in Az. And I would do that over and over again if it wasn’t so damn much money. But watching someone else race gives me no satisfaction. Sounds weird to y’all I’m sure. But if I don’t respond to your posts about racing, or jump right in on the conversation about it, you will all know why now. :shrug: 

    Totally Agreed, got to go to the Daytona 500 50th anniversary race, first and last time...very long weekend

  8. 51 minutes ago, twobjshelbys said:

    Verify the date codes.  Nothing more than about 1 year old.  But if you're going to leave (the probably dated) original tires and just store these, then you're just adding to the age of already dated tires.     Don't build a stock of disposables.  The car is already "out of the wrapper" so will not increase in value from storage.   Just drive it.

    like that thought, does one save the original wiper blades, oil filter, etc...


    not a collector so have no experience in this matter just like that quote

  9. 48 minutes ago, BlackSGT said:

    Just an added note: when the SGT's were factory lowered, they didn't correct the geometry. So if you're making front end adjustments, a bumpsteer kit (tall tie-rod) is highly recommended to 'level' the struts, plus the stock ball joints are a mm too small (which can clunk). Had mine replaced a few years ago, noticeable difference in handling.

    Plus: the rear wasn't leveled either, so I had a lower control arm relocation bracket installed, again to flatten the geometry. No more wheel hop, squats now.

    agreed, i have had all that done and more car handles like a dream

  10. From Marcello at Silver Horse Racing
    Due to repeated requests from our customers that may have missed the opportunity or need a new set for their latest project or as a backup for an existing set, we’re offering to make a final run of our patented Flush-Mount louvers that fit the 2005-09 Mustang.

    Typically, we run 1000 sets as a production run. That is two Gaylord containers of material, the minimum we can typically purchase of the special mix we use (color, UV protection, etc).

    Even raising the price to cover increased setup costs on a short run and paying the penalty for a single Gaylord order of material, we’re looking at around 500 sets to run. So to justify that, we’d need at least 200 sets per-ordered. We know that’s a tall order. If the per-order minimum is met by March 30,2019, we will make the run. If it is not, per-orders will be refunded in full. Be aware that even after production is started, it typically takes sixteen (16) weeks from when we commit until when we have finished product ready to ship to customers. It is a drawn-out process to have the custom material ordered and made, then get time on the 300 ton injection press, and actually have a good run made.

    If you’d like to order, Here’s the page on our website:


  11. 8 hours ago, slbgtsc said:

    So I've had the clamps for well over a year and finally got around to taking it in to a shop for the install. Local Meineke that did a great job building a dual system on my 03 F150 did the work and they did a good job. Pricey at $220 but no more rattles and no more stupid band clamps. 




    cool, definitely the way to go

  12. 7 hours ago, EL SHELBY said:

    Searching threads on the door panels looking for info on pro repairs. I’ve been quoted between $150-$300 per door from various shops to have the panel reupholstered with new foam and vinyl. 

    Andrew, I’m curious why your upholstery guy said there was no way his glue could to make them last? Was he only talking about re-glueing the OEM vinyl or was he stating it would work with any material?

    He was talking about any material and specifically He said it was the plastic ford used and that without sanding and priming his glue wouldn’t stick. After doing this project and getting them stripped I am not so sure I believe him anymore. The failure was the foam deteriorated and stopped sticking to the leather, the foam stuck pretty damn good to the door even as it was dry and crumbling. 

    Hope this helps

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