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  1. 13 minutes ago, Doug_GT350 said:

    Well I finally got a picture of the back but it's too big to post and I'm too stupid to figure out how to shrink it on my phone (which is all I have) if you pm me an email address or a cell number I can send it to you.

    Sorry for being computer illiterate!

    PM sent

  2. 20 minutes ago, cobraguy69 said:

    T-Bone68 - Thanks for this info. The directions for installation are not coming thru but I am going to check with Gaudin Ford. I bought a stick on plastic cover from ebay ,  but it's not very good. I guess directions came with the cover/airbag part ? Price ?


    The directions are a hyper link right mouse click on them and open in a new tab o r just clink on the file below


  3. 15 hours ago, RUFDRAFT said:

    Have a great time, Doc!

    Been busy at work - Easter weekend and all.

    Thinking about pulling the "trigger" on a Glock 17 - 5"  - 9mm. Cheaper to shoot than the Walther .40! Still carry the .40.

    Love my Glocks, but why not go with another Walther in 9mm and keep trigger pull and functionality the same, muscle memory. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Doug_GT350 said:

    Had a friend give this to me recently and I can't find any info or history on it?!?? Any help would be appreciated.



    Take a photo of the backside for me.....we make embroidered patches for a living and the backside my give me insight to when and where it was made


  5. 14 hours ago, mhr1961 said:

    Just a quick post in support of the Forum admin. Some people have a high level of passion about their Shelby vehicles but sometimes such enthusiasm blinds one to realities.. It is not like the SGT was “forgotten” as someone put it. Shelby had numerous add on mods, parts, etc available for people to personalize their Shelby GT cars for several years. They also had a fair amount of hats, tees and other doo-dads. It is not like SAI suddenly decided one day to say “hey lets screw over the SGT guys”. What happened is SGT people quit buying SGT items with enough frequency to justify keeping the products around, so as time went by and as inventory was depleted, SAI chose not to replenish. It makes absolutely no sense for a small volume manufacturer to maintain high levels of slow moving or dead inventory. Doing so would quickly put them out of business. I myself wish Shelby still made several of the SGT items that they used to make, but I understand it doesn’t make economic sense to do so. As a Shelby enthusiast, I would rather see them stay viable by making smart decisions that keep them profitable and protect their brand so they can stay in business for the long haul and keep the Shelby brand alive.


    Like it or not, The forum admin is doing the right thing here.  I commend SAI doing a diligent job of staying on top of licensing because ultimately people selling unlicensed  Shelby product hurts the brand and in many cases it hurts the consumer by devaluing original items. What some people may in their enthusiasm perceive as a nifty or brilliant idea, well…….. sometimes it actually isn’t. I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade here. The 100k mile badge thingy demonstrated creativity and craftsmanship, however it did not exactly set the world on fire or nor did it have hundreds or even dozens of people lining up in the forums shouting they would buy one. A half dozen guys saying “neat idea, I would buy one”  is not a market.   Also, you don’t really see hundreds or even dozens of people sticking 100k mile badges on any cars because it’s really no big deal since  people commonly pass the 100k mark every day. What’s next an “I’ve done 50 oil changes” badge? Sorry, it just doesn't seem to be a broad appeal item.

    All the above being said it would be nice if SAI   would do a short run of generic Shelby GT hats or T shirts to cover the 2007-2008 years. But oh wait, here comes the usual suspects that just have to say, "I would buy one if it was black and silver to match my car” , or “I won’t t buy one unless its white and silver and don’t forget white is the fastest color”, or “oh gee, make mine blue and silver for the 2008 year”, or “oh, I won’t buy one unless its orange and silver for the 2008 grabber orange bunch”, then “no wait,  make that silver and orange”, “o yeah, but what about us 2008 Barret Jackson guys don’t forget us, we would only buy one of its black and red” , “nope, I want mine red with black lettering” , then of course you will get “oh hey, don’t forget us 06/07 GTH guys, after all we are the reason Shelby went back in to business blah blah,blah”…………………….at which point the whole SGT items ideas get canned…………


    Oh i agree the forum admin is correct their site, their trademarked logo and their decision.. if Team Shelby wanted to offer merchandise of the Team Shelby logo they would but they don't want to and they don't need a license. What i think people neglect to understand is the passion of its members and the resources available. 

    so you don't like the idea of the 100K badge, i don't like blue cars... and maybe we could run with your idea do merit badges for the members I drove it, i changed my oil, i made love in it, i still have my original tires, etc...

    yeah not a huge market for 100,000 mile badge or 250,000 mile badges or 500,000 badges (or a Team Shelby Regional embroidered emblem or a Team Shelby Racing windshield banner or a Berg gas cap or a Berg snake steering wheel emblem or fender stripes or anything else) and someone in corporate didn't want the badges their choice not mine...funny part is i offered to sell them at cost with no minimum  and i was willing to pay for set up and tooling, they could have pre-sold them, so zero upfront out of pocket cost on their part....their decision not mine


  6. 15 hours ago, ForumAdmin said:

    While your intentions may be noble it comes down to this is a Corporate website and we can not just look the other way especially when another user complains. If you had obtained a Shelby License you would have known that "prototypes" must be destroyed or turned over to Carroll Shelby Licensing.

    Just an FYI, calling us garbage isn't helping your case any.

    8 hours ago, BlackSGT said:


    I think Andrew meant it would be a shame throwing prototypes in the garbage.

    The posts in question are gone now.

    I've regained my composure over my previous rant.

    mhr1961 makes excellent points.

    Back to topic: Who can beat 07SGT0517's 190K+


    ForumAdmin unfortunately you took my comment wrong  and thought that i was calling someone garbage...not sure who you think i meant but that is irrelevant... BlackSGT hit the nail on the head

    problem solved prototypes are gone and no more prototypes of any Team Shelby stuff to be made again.... you are correct it is a corporate site and a corporate logo and i do know better



  7. 18 minutes ago, ForumAdmin said:

    It is a violation of Team Shelby rules to sell unlicensed Shelby merchandise, please refrain from doing so or contact Carroll Shelby Licensing to obtain a License.

    Thank you.

    Totally aware of this and I have never sold any unlicensed Shelby merchandise. What I have done over the years is give away (for free) prototypes that never went anywhere and maybe i should not have done that but the garbage seems a shame.

  8. 1 hour ago, jmn444 said:

    I sold it about 3 years ago....  mid divorce...  the replacement a year after that was a '14 track pack, the 5.0 coyote is pretty sweet but i miss the whipple whine!

    Still got yours?

    Still have it and added a Paxton been trying to do 1/2 mile events with it...wannagofast.com

    Hope the divorce was a good thing for you and not too painful,  my brother in law is going through a divorce and his sister said "I am sorry" he said don't be sorry i am the happiest i have been in 15 years !!!!


  9. 2 hours ago, svtkeith said:


    I came in 2nd twice in Judo tournaments before....came in 2nd overall 1st in my weight class in a power lifting competition...so does that make me

    a loser?.....in your logic if you try hard and do your best but fail to get top spot your a loser is stupid...it's better to try hard and fail than it is to never

    try at all...you always learn by your loses and you come back better prepared and try even harder and eventually win the gold no different than everyday

    life you fail but come back better and stronger...AND if you don't at least you tried which is more than many will ever do.


    That's one of the major issues today everyone wants to be first and if they can't they freak and cry like babies some even resort to

    killing themselves over it and one of the main reasons for that is they haven't been thought to take a loss or rejection...sad really.

    I get it and too some extent i was being a little sarcastic, but not entirely

    I compete on a men's club lacrosse team and we when we win a tournament there is only one trophy for the winners no second place trophies, there is only one Stanley Cup they don't give out a Stanley Saucer for 2nd place

    My daughter competes competitively in dressage and they give out ribbons to the top ten places....but everyone wants the blue ribbon not the brown ribbon

    And what the heck is up with participation trophies/medals for youth soccer...give them a participation patch !!!!!!

  10. 3 minutes ago, 06H275 said:

    Well it's not like she threw it away...

    She was caught up in the moment of defeat and let her emotions get the best of her. She is is very apologetic for what she did. I truly believe she meant no disrespect.

    This moment will be with her the rest of her life and she wishes she could take it back. 

    All players on any team at that level are extremely passionate about their game and have a mindset that "its gold or nothing".

    Oh to be young again and not make any mistakes...  


    are you sure she didn't throw it away ?  and i could care less if she took it off and or tosses it. the heat of the moment and losing is for losers only first place matters and they should stop giving out silver and bronze medals anyways

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