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  1. 07-2937


    so what is the issue??
  2. 07-2937


    If your ever in Vegas he does Car shoots all the time
  3. 07-2937


    finally decided to start a photo album of my car check it out if you want to!!! http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/gallery/album/387-2937/
  4. Hey Brother How about local pickup? like win the auction and pick up part in three days @ SAI?
  5. arn't our Shelby's awesome and the weather is perfect!
  6. This is a topic on one of the Harley forums I frequent and people post some cool stuff For me I detailed for a few hours and did a Photoshoot the photographer is available to shoot pics year round if interested
  7. I started out as an inspector then after others were promoted. I was in charge of production of the last of the sgt's then the full line of all the KR's and then on to some supersnakes all with AJ's patience coaching and flowcharts!!
  8. Supercharged stock moter since 2007 still running great andhas seen tons of track time!! good luck with it!!!
  9. I do have the pictures of the last SGT ever built from delivery to the lift and loading it on the truck heading out... I actually got admonished because I let the trucker know that was the last one and accidentally made it a superstar lol. also AJ do you remember the time it took little Jon and Adrian to build a SGT?
  10. u need the correct scoop and you need to install it using the instructions it has worked out well for others before you.
  11. I have replaced a few of these but I had a super limited number of spares. 95% of the time the tabs will break and they will not be able to hold themselves in. I think a few dots of clear rtv strategically placed will hold them in and or eliminate the rattle. they are designed to expand and contract with the movement of the hood though.
  12. 100k lol must of been some glitch but yeah its there for sale maybe high but its his call
  13. remember I built part of all of your KR's I do know values and what some of you paid for your KR's lol... Ive seen a Shleby GT production jacket go for over $800 and I do have one of those but its mine and ill never sell it
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