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  1. Five of the six forums I always went to are: "Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 " So long, it's been good to know ye "
  2. "...4) After stripe is removed, I'm using the GraphXOff product to remove adhesive residue left behind. (Goo Gone is completely worhtless for this). I am brushing it on, letting it sit a minute, and using that same plastic scraper tool to work the adhesive free. 5) After adhesive removal, there is still a lot of leftover sticky swirly scum and at that point I'm using Goo Gone and paper towels over and over to work that residue free. ..." My go-to adhesive remover is whatever Spray-n-Wash evolved into (Resolve?). A little spray, a little wait, a little wipe—done. It works on an enzyme principle, so the non-mineral stuff is eaten by the enzymes, transforming it to gooey but non-adhesive stuff.
  3. Perhaps removing the Shelby ID plates would avoid some future problems?
  4. They could issue a bumper sticker or badge to indicate who has a coupon book, and save the bother of stopping you!
  5. Nothing else like it, anywhere. From 2009: Southbound 118 toward Study Butte: Anonymous GPS record:
  6. Plus which, Monday-built cars are notoriously defectful. In this image, the bottommost, rightmost number includes the build date: 1(200080527)0300. I understand the last four digits have something to do with production sequencing.
  7. This highlights my principal objection to today's "media", in all media: They can't wait to become the message, competing for sound-bite gold, filling the conduit for news with minimally-disguised self-promotional time-fillers. It's as if they are afraid that if they aren't totally fascinating at every moment, viewers will change to a more dramatic, hysterical channel and abandon them forever. Not a bad idea—the abandonment, that is.
  8. Would TMZ have been interested if the story were, "Jay Leno had a flat tire"? Screenwriter: We need to jazz it up a little, otherwise, no Likes on Facebook. Producer: Hmm. OK, flag down that pickup truck. I don't care which one, get 'em both.
  9. Seems obvious to me that the not unintelligent folks responsible for whatever it is that determines shipping costs are likely making those decisions on the basis of some underlying motive to discourage that part of the business. Mail-order is, after all, not a very high-class occupation. Definitely non-U.
  10. I have used this Motel 6. Not that far from Laguna Seca, and just down the street from In-n-Out. Plenty of racers/fans/workers are learning about it, so it may be full-up like most others.
  11. Current and still champion: Oldie but a goodie (relinquished long ago) : At the 2008 Terlingua spectacular (I still have this plate on a non-op vehicle. A bona fide California Terlingua owner might talk me into parting with it) : Edit: Add a relinquished plate (might be available) :
  12. Flagger or Marshal, it's a dangerous, difficult, rewarding job. 1960s 1980s
  13. Missed your chance to run at Riverside International Raceway? Ontario Motor Speedway? Holtville Aerodrome International Raceway? Click the bolded/italicized text to see In-Vega 8mm films from 1971, '72, '73. These will be much slower than Mustangers are used to, but I guarantee there is very little speed left in the RIR and OMS laps; the HAIR lap is a demo-only effort just to show where it all went. Page with links to those videos and a few others from the era. RIR track diagram; OMS; Holtville. If the noise of a primitive 8mm-to-VHS-to-MP4 transfer bothers you, turn off the sound. EDIT: Much better video transfers (commercial service iMemories.com). No sound/commentary. RIR OMS
  14. I have used FotoTime for nearly twenty years. Costs about two dollars a month, paid yearly, thousands of photos parked there, in two accounts, a few videos. I also have quite a few hundred photos on Flickr. I seem to remember it costs about the same as FotoTime, for "Pro" status. Both these services make it relatively easy to post photos to forums. Not as easy as Facebook, but not difficult. I have to guess the Fotobuckets of the world are anticipating the increased expenses likely to occur once the InterWebz are molded to Trumpistan standards.
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