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  1. Hi everyone - Just found this on the internet, and asked myself if this is real. Apparently Gentleman Car is official Importer for France, Benelux, Monaco for Shelby american. Can someone from Teamshelby or even Shelby Automobiles confirm me this officialy ? Or is it just a car seller, who pretends being official importer. Here is the Link for the website: http://www.shelby-cars.be/default2.aspx Sorry the site is in french, but maybe you can help me with this. Will appreciate any comments and help from Shelby. Greetings
  2. I'd go for the Blue with grey Stripes - exactly ass the SGT - Yeah that would be great!
  3. Cool - Exactly as last year, I'll come specially for that period to Vegas , and plan to visit you. So with a little luck..... thank's and hope to see you soon in Vegas
  4. Coming to Shelby automobiles in March! Does anyone know if there is a Shelby Focus there to see? Looking for a new daily driver ? and the Focus is a nice car, so why not a Shelby ?
  5. Hi- I just want to ask you for your help concerning the Shelby oil stick handle. Is there a special trick to take the handle from the original stick and change it on the Shelby handle ? Is the original handle screwed, riveted? Thanks to everyone for help Greetings from Luxembourg 08SGT1466
  6. Hi- I just want to ask you for your help concerning the Shelby oil stick handle. Is there a special trick to take the handle from the original stick and change it on the Shelby handle ? Is the original handle screwed, riveted? Thanks to everyone for help Greetings from Luxembourg 08SGT1466
  7. Absolutely ! I will take my SGT today, and drive it , proud as I am, around.
  8. Rest in Peace Mr.Shelby- We will never forget you! Thank you for all those beautiful moments that you gave us. I am so proud to be an owner of a part of american car history that you made. I will always keep my Shelby with me , and never give it away. You always gonna stay in my thoughts. Legends never die, and everytime I'll start my Shelby for a ride, you'll we be with me on the road. Again Thank you for everything Mr.Shelby, we'll miss you. We send our condoleances to the family of Mr. Shelby.
  9. Congrats ,i' m sure you'll enjoy that every minute. Awesome car, post pics. Greetings from Luxembourg
  10. Hi I am just looking for an Oil filter for my 2008 SGT - which one can you recommend ? I just thought about ordering the Ford racing oil filter from Shelby Store. Well I saw that the one used originally on the 08 SGt is not the ordinary one from the 08' Mustang- It is smaller , maybe necessary to put it on with the bar. Does the Ford Racing filter from the Shelby store fit with our 08' SGT - thanks for your help- Greetings from sunny Luxembourg
  11. hi everyone- It seems to be strange but this is a true problem for me In our country hood pins aren't allowed on a car as, the risk of injuries when you hit someone blablabla,...So my question is as follows. do you have any idea where I can find some kind of plastic cover or protection, to put over the hoodpins. Important is, that it should be easy to fix and to remove. I need this cover just the day when I must present the car at the technical control, so it is once a year, and every year. (...and I honestly don't wanna remove the hoodpins every year. So a plastic cover that I can fix with double side tape or like a magnet. I know this is not so easy, but maybe someone of you all can help me or give me the right idea, about what I can do. Maybe this item already exists, and someone knows it. Thanks in advance, all help is appreciate. Greetings Fred
  12. Hi everyone. - As a big Shelby fan, as I suppose, we all are, I was just a little bit shocked and confused when I saw this car at car seller in Luxembourg-city. He explained me that they sell new original AC Cobras. ???? Just asking for more informations, and a few detailed questions, I couldn't even believe what I saw. An AC MKVI GT with a 6.2 Chevrolet Corvette Engine. :snake: I just added two websites, the website from the constructor in Germany, and the second link is the official price in Luxembourg. On the constructors website, the pictures look really impressing, but honestly, seeing the car live, it's not that car that I would buy for that sum of money. Well converting 115000 € in $ ; that will be today more or less 156000 $ for a car like that. :tease: www.accars.de http://auto.rtl.lu/automaart/autospraisser/?manufacturer=AC&carriage=0&type=0&PS=0&fuel=0&tax= Greetings from Lux.
  13. Fantastic job...cool place. What a garage!!!!
  14. Hi Sharon- Please try not to forget the luxemburgish guy the other side of the ocean ! Thank you very much in advance! Fred
  15. Absolutely with you! Shelby App would be great!! :happy feet:
  16. Hi Everyone, thanks for your help, i appreciate. I think i'll go for the Shelby plug, it's an original part.. :happy feet: ....;and thank you GTH0007; for the explications about the Snake emblem, nice to have good informations.... Fred
  17. Hi TS Members I am looking for a special power outlet plug for my Shelby GT. Does someone knows or has seen already a power outlet lug with the SGT Snake ( like the faux gas cap). I found one on ebay with the GT500 Snake, I bought it; but I wanna do better and try to find the right one. Maybe someone can help me.. Thanks and Greetings from Luxembourg
  18. Hi everyone, I just get the idea to change the original hood pins on my 08 SGT. I just want to ask you if the original Hood pins from the GT500 KR can be installed on the original hood from my SGT. Does someone know if this will cause problems; and/or if I really have to change the complete hood; what I really don't wanna do. These ones : http://www.shelbyautos.com/galleries/kr1-/kr1-14-1024.jpg Thanks for your help and proposals. Greetings - Wish you a happy nice and peacefull 4th of July Fred
  19. I think you are right what you write about them, but this is really special here. Even if I would tape them or put a silicon cover on the pins,(and put the cables under the hood behind the lights) that would be ok for them. Honestly it depends really from the person who is looking after the car. If he's a Shelby fan, you can pass like it is, if not you'll gonna have trouble. That's why I got the idea with the bra.
  20. Waiting for the weekend and sunny wheather to take the horses out...

  21. Hi Everyone I am just searching a solution for a little problem that I have, concerning the hood pins on my 08°SGT. In our country hood pins are not legal ,even if they are original parts, because in a case of accident with a physical person, it considers a higher risk of injuries for him or her. :fool: So if I have to pass the technical control next year, with the SGT they will probably force me to take them of, what I certainly not want to do. So as I do not have the choice, and as I want to keep them on , I thought I am gonna buy a front end /sports bra only the part for the hood just to cover the hood pins. I know in the Shelby store there is one, but that is for the whole front and I do not want that. ( If there°s a possibility to get only the hood part without hood pins wholes, i°d buy certainly one from Shelbystore) What do you think about this, and do you have a suggestion for me or where I can find one of these bras Thank you for your help.. Greetings
  22. God Bless you- you will be missed....

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