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  1. Long time no see guys! Well, I don't own a Shelby car any more, but wife and I are planning on making a trip to Dallas to be there on the 11th...We will crash the party with our 2015 Scat Pack Challenger...nah, we won't crash anything, but we will be there and hope to see some old friends there! Shoot me a text at 432-703-2022 if you are going to be there...don't rag on me too bad for making a switch to a Dodge...you know, Carroll did some work with Dodge too back in his days...
  2. Thanks guys, Yes, I got a reasonable trade, got the Automatic and she shifts Very hard and fast...love the new Active Exhaust that actually has motors on it to open up more and get louder...
  3. Well, gentlemen, I have gone to the Dark Side...traded the 2012 GT500 in yesterday for the first 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack in Odessa yesterday... I still love Shelby cars, but the game is just too rich for my poor wallet...can't afford to keep up with all of you guys... Wishing each and every one of you farewell and happy motoring!
  4. http://www.lethalperformance.com/eibach-05-2013-mustang-pro-alignment-camber-bolts.html Camber Bolts will solve your issue...the Eibach bolts do NOT require any drilling to be installed....I put a set on my 2008 Shelby GT that was lowered...Shelby never did a realignment after they lowered the cars...negative camber is GREAT if you are road racing...it holds the road GREAT, but for daily driving, it sucks because it will wear the inside edge of the tires extremely bad...The tech that installed my bolts at the dealership wanted to know what brand they were because he said they were the easiest to install of any he had done before...alignment was a breeze to set back to factory specs with a little less negative camber...no more wearing of the inside edge of the tires afterward either....happy, happy, happy!!!! All camber really does is aid in the turn in to a corner....if you are not racing, set the tires up as straight as you can get them for maximum wear...if you drive more spirited driving and have some curves that you like to take at high speed, go with a little more negative camber...but expect more tire wear....
  5. I installed a homelink unit into the maplight pod in my 2008 Shelby GT and all I did was connect the red wire to a power source and the black wire to a ground...it worked flawlessly for the 5 years I owned the car...it was fun trying to get it to fit in the map light pod, but that was before they started installing the Passenger Air Bag lights there too...but it was done and did work...the visor should be the same install...red to power and black to ground...shouldn't need to be constant power...
  6. Yeah, LOTS of attention from the Police with their radars...LOL...Oh well, I invested in a good radar detector and keep my eyes peeled...I figure if I get tagged, it is just a tax for driving such a fun car! I have had a Shelby since 2008...started off with the Shelby GT, then moved to a 2007 GT500 then traded it for a 2012 GT500...if you live where the weather gets cold, beware of the Goodyear G2 tires...anything below 50 degrees, and you may as well be driving on ice! I live out in West Texas, and it gets cold here every once in a while, but mine is a daily driver...just rolled over on 22000 today on the way to work...I love it...you can't go wrong with a GT500 in any way!
  7. Post a sound clip of it...I bet it sounds awesome!
  8. Well, I just got a call from my local dealership...I had asked my salesman about getting the sticker and he said he would see what he could do...Parts guy just called and stated that he had a new tank for me...just pick it up and put the old tank in the box when I get done...restores my faith in some dealerships...
  9. Well, I didn't notice that it says GOLD instead of ORANGE until after I had already ordered it, but hey...it will do until I can actually find a replacement or decide to buy another tank...Why print a part number on it if it is obsolete or no replacement is indicated though...I don't understand that...
  10. Thanks gotoatz! That is a slightly different part number, but exactly what I need to replace the missing one! The exact part number that is on mine is somewhat different as you can see in the photo, but I'll take this one...already ordered as a matter of fact! Thanks again!
  11. I recently noticed that the sticker is missing from my radiator reservoir and went to a local dealership to try to get a replacement. I was told that they would have to order it which I expected...after waiting for several weeks, was finally told that in order to get a sticker, I would have to purchase a replacement tank....Now, this is a 2012 GT 500 and since they are telling me that I have to order a replacement tank, I'm thinking that it should be covered under warranty...any thoughts here? All we are talking about is the sticker that shows what type of fluid to use in the tank...I'm thinking it's crazy to have to order a new tank...but, if that is how Ford wants to be, I think they should replace the entire tank...
  12. I took mine off and inspected it once...it appears to be all glued together...I was able to get some screwdrivers in it trying to separate it, but never could get it apart...I'll just live with it until I can afford an aftermarket intake...I don't want to buy the Resonate Delete from Ford then trash it too...
  13. I am in the same boat here...I want new wheels, and I'd love to have something with a lip on the outside edge, but it seems it's either 18" or 20" that I find...No one makes a19" in the same style so I can keep the 19" on the front and 20" on the back...Anyone found a set that are available in both 19" and 20"???
  14. I've been looking at the Power Stop Brake Kit (K5942) that has the drilled and slotted discs for front and rear and Evolution Clean Ride Ceramic Pads...Has anyone installed this kit? My 2012 is a daily driver of about 50 miles round trip daily between Midland and Odessa...I don't track the car...I am really tired of the brake dust on my white car...Any input would be appreciated.
  15. Ahhhhh, I miss the lumbar support...may have to look into this mod myself....
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