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  1. Its kool to see this thread kickn butt. Im back on line. Dont have my SGT/C 109, but still have my 07 SGT. Miss it and hope to get another one. Best Wishes to the SGT/C owners. If you happen to see 109 please let me know. Peace.
  2. Hi, The previous owner removed the stripes. I know who owned it. When I saw what he did to the car I just couldn't understand why. He was never really happy with the car. Older guy owned it and took care of it. Sun State Ford in Orlando sold the car to him. Maybe there are some records. I tried contacting him but no answer. Don't know if he has the hood. You should feel confident that it wasn't abused and it was garaged. Drive it and enjoy and welcome to Shelby world. Glenn
  3. My car is in Central Florida. Don't know where the other is. I have the 5 speed Hurst shift.
  4. FOR SALE GO SGT/ C # 109

  5. How serious are you about getting a SGT/C? Glenn
  6. I'm sure there are some out there that have not been titled yet. But, what do you guys think these cars are worth now? Used.
  7. Would you put one in your garage? If you have an opportunity to buy one would you or would you choose another car? What are your feelings about the future of this limited SGT? .
  8. Best of Everything to you Amy. Please post some pics of your Grabber Orange SGT/C on the thread that I started. Love to see the car. Glenn
  9. 2007 Black SGT # 514 has 22,135 2008 SGT/C # 109 has 10,015. Glenn
  10. Glad to hear that your son and his girlfriend are ok. Wrap your arms around your son and love him. Glenn
  11. I started the soon to be classic SGT/C thread. We also have #514 black SGT. Added new SGT caps to the engine compartment. Lower grill to finish the front. Upgraded hood pins. Sequential lighting to polish off the butt end. Featured small photo in Hot Rod mag Oct. 2009 page 54 when we did the Hot Rod Power Tour. Dreaming of more power some day........ Glenn
  12. Get outta there and come on down to Central Florida. Its been cold....for us here but the cars drive sooo nice! Glenn
  13. Heat gun is best..... I spent many hours removing stripes on our '05 GT. They were dried and brittle and after I got done I had blisters on my fingers. Frustration set in but got it done. The roof for me was the worst. Never want to do it again. Worked many hours last winter which is the worst time to start the job. If you can wait till the weather warms your luck will be better. Glenn
  14. I have been watchin on and off today. I will look for the commercial. Glenn
  15. Hey Doc Scott, Does your son post on the Grabber Orange thread? Got to watch our cars all the time. Just comes with owning AWESOME CARS. I'm always uneasy when parking it and I can't see it. Drives me nuts. LOL
  16. We were at a monthly cruise in and ran into the " YouTube Specialist" of anything wheels. He loves to video tape. We bought the car from a California dealer near the LAX airport and had it shipped to Sun State Ford here in Orlando, Florida. Way back 2 years ago the California dealers didn't want to sell or deal with me. They knew they had something hot. But the sad thing is that many haven't sold and are getting damaged being in the weather everyday. Anyway, Take alook at the clip. This guy is a car nut and has over 1000 vids. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D50qu6BS13E Glenn
  17. The SGT's will remain the way Shelby built them. The 2005 GT will be the project car. Looking at twin turbos,gears upgrade brakes and suspension changes. I like the tune in the '05. Meanwhile, not in much of a rush to do it but dream alittle.
  18. We were going to go to the Hooters show but checked the weather and didn't go. Didn't want to get caught in the rain again. We are planning to go to the Daytona Dream cruise again this year. We had fun last and its free. Just burn some gas. Link to it: http://www.daytonabeachdreamcruise.com/index.cfm
  19. We were at Eustis and parked down by the lake to left in parking lot. I think I saw your car there. Anyway, it was a nice evening till the rain came and made our trip home slow and wet. We went to see Jake Lamotta on Friday and he put a SCT tune in my "05 GT. And spoke about some other goodies to add. Jake put a whipple on a friends GT recently and it runs and looks great. He will need 3 days and 2 guys to to get yours done. In his shop right now is a GT 500 red with over 700HP. It has a Whipple SC on it. If you get a chance get down there to talk to him and check out the cars he has in the shop. Jake does his own work and doesn't have Yahoo's doing it. Jake was at the 1st Horse Power on the Farm show. Glenn
  20. Last Sat of every month is the car show. Good Luck on the SC!!!! Glenn
  21. Looks like you have done your homework. I will check out RSP as well. What SC are you putting in? Eustis is the 4 Sat. of the month. Well worth the trip on a Sat. if the weather is nice. Good Luck!!!! Glenn
  22. I haven't heard of Real Street. Good Luck on your mods. We are planning to be in Eustis this Saturday night. If you have nothing to do make a run out there. Glenn
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