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  1. Drove my buddy's 2011 ZR1 and the thing ran like a scalded cat. We never got to race, but I doubt my lightly modded 2008 GT500 could have touched him. That said, for the cost of the ZR1 I'd take my GT500 and put money in the bank. Even more so for a 2013/14 GT500.
  2. Bob, If you're looking for a shop near ATL I'd recommend Injected Engineering in Kennesaw. They're not cheap, but they did a full coil over suspension upgrade on my '08 and I have nothing but good things to say about their work. I'm also looking to upgrade to a '13/14 model. I have a pretty specific combination in mind & haven't found one local yet. Like you - with my age comes patience, so I'll find the right one. Enjoy your new ride. Tim
  3. Awesome pictures & looks like a great time in Charlotte! Hope everyone has a great time & wish I was there. Keep the pics coming - weather looks great!
  4. Welcome! If this is your first Shelby then you're in for a treat! Kinda like getting your first kiss from Kate Upton - it doesn't get any better.
  5. DBA and Stillen both offer a couple of different setups and different price points. My car had DBA 5000 in front & 4000 in back and they were equally competent for street and at the track. They weren't cheap though.
  6. A "HANS" device is a good investment too. It won't make you faster, but if you ever need it - it will pay for itself a million times over. As far as hardware for the car - everyone above is right on target.
  7. Holy freaking crap! Can you say - RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!?
  8. Congrats Viper! Like you - I always felt that you could have more fun with an 07-09 GT500 if you could make the car handle. It seems like younger enthusiasts I meet at shows are more interested in "bench racing" & comparing their dyno graphs. The down side to that is the car is sitting still when you "race" it & the "race" (dyno run) is over in 30 seconds. In defense of some of the younger enthusiasts, they simply haven't had the opportunity or access to experience road course racing and the thrill of putting a car through it's paces on a track & therefore can only relate to what they know. As I've gotten older and more experienced with driving & modifying my cars, I'm more concerned with how the car feels while it's actually moving, turning & braking - and understand first-hand all the research, time, money & patience involved in extracting the untapped potential of these cars. Your car is a beautifully executed example of the finest of this breed. After pouring a ton of money, blood, sweat and tears into mine over the past 6 years, I'm about to move on to a 2013-2014 GT500 and can only hope I enjoy the experience of driving it as much as I did my 2008. Enjoy the upcoming beautiful spring weather behind the wheel!
  9. If you plan to drive it to and from the track - then drag radials, LCAs & UCA. If you plan to trailer it - then slicks, LCAs & reloc brackets and UCA - plus start a fund to pay for the stuff you're gonna break.
  10. Great looking wheels, but looks like they may have too much dish for stock rear fenders & will stick out.
  11. Looks great Clint! It's gonna feel like a new car again!
  12. Suction cup mount has worked for me on any glass or painted metal surface. Only place it failed was mounted low on the fender at the track - I think the vibration down there just worked it loose. My advice when mounting on a painted surface is to make sure the surface is clean and moisten the suction cup before pressing it on - spit works good! Remove the mount if the area gets dusty when filming to keep from scratching. Try to keep the camera as close as possible to the body panel to keep wind buffeting at a minimum.
  13. Excellent writeup - Thank you!!! Very nice of them to include a larger plug in case of a boo-boo during the install. Have you thought about what paint to use on the plugs?
  14. Subscribed - please take lots of pics! These look like they are the best solution for the time being. Thanks in advance for the install thread!
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