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  1. +2 on the red inserts on my black 08 w/white stripes.
  2. It was well worth it right? http://money.cnn.com/2009/05/05/news/companies/chrysler_loans/index.htm
  3. You sure he wasn't talking about Washington?
  4. Just throw some spinners on there and hang a flag on the rearview from an island that I won't mention here and that thing will be off the lot in a week.
  5. If you have a local indoor range that let's you rent guns, that would be a good start. Reliability is number one but a close second is a comfortable feel and a natural shooter. My first handgun was a Glock 17 and that's what I keep close by in the bedroom. I have small to medium hands and the Glock is not a natural pointer for me but I can hit my target up close so it doesn't matter that much. Plus my wife can shoot it pretty well. For CC I just switched from a Kahr CW9 which is a DAO like a Glock to a Kimber Ultra Carry II(.45 ACP) with a 3' barrel and laser grips. I can shoot the Kimber much better than the Glock or the Kahr. The grip and the single action of a 1911 works better for me than the double action only. So if you can try out guns at the range, that would be the best thing to do IMO. Ordering a gun that has great reviews and looks great can be quite a disappointment if you've never shot it. Even though my Glock is not my favorite gun to shoot, it's the most reliable. If you really want reliability, get a revolver.
  6. I agree. I like to have at least a 1000 rounds of everything I have except for my 12gauge and 44 mag that I don't really shoot much. For everything else(.22 , 5.56, 9mm, and .45)minimum of 1000rds. I've gotten back into reloading after a long break due to my indoor range not allowing any ammo except what they sell. That was when I lived in NY. Now here in VA I've found an indoor range that lets you use whatever you want.
  7. I had to have my rear quarter stripe replaced and they had to order the whole right side stripe set. Price last year was $71.00.
  8. Mine doesn't unless I'm in gear. It could be your tune that changed from stock setup that allows boost with no load.
  9. Good luck with your search Melissa. When I lived in Brooklyn and bought my 87GT, there were five attempts to steal it within the first year. That pushed me over the edge to move to the suburbs. Don't think I would be brave enough to drive my Shelby around the city unless I was Will Smith and carrying an AR-15 :D
  10. Just buy the regular one and experiment with some stick on carbon fiber veneer like dragon plate if you must have the carbon fiber look. Just a thought. http://dragonplate.com/ecart/categories.asp?cID=12
  11. That's great! "First In Flight" will take on a whole new meaning. How long ya think before you get your first ticket after the mod?
  12. My 08 was leaking antifreeze the day I bought it and put it in my driveway. Brought it to my local dealer(not the one I bought it from) and they rented me a car from Enterprise( An F-150 that my kids thought was cooler than the Shelby). Had that for a few days. Then I had a problem loosing power steering after hard acceleration. They needed to keep it for a day or two and I got a Lincoln Town car. They have an Enterprise desk in the service department. They frown on getting you a rental but if they have already taken things apart on your car and will get the part the next day, it's proabably cheaper to rent you a car than expend labor time to put the car back together and have to redo it all over again. Obviously if the car the problem is diagnosed quickly and you were waiting, they might ask you come back when the part comes in if they didn't have it in stock. My wife wont buy another GM product because everytime she brings in her Park Avenue for service she has to wait around for a half hour or more to get a lift a 1/2mile to work. Not to mention it's Government Motors now. That's another story.
  13. Wow. I guess I'm getting a good deal from my dealer. I just ordered a case of Aeroshell 500 turbine oil for my radio control jets and got that for $10 a quart. If I buy it by the quart its over $13.00 a quart. I guess it's all relative.
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