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  1. you're welcome my friend and yes they do....18 and 14 now
  2. good morning all ya's we dodged a major bullet with this storm....we may have gotten 2-3"..but its gonna get freaking cold starting tonight
  3. 2 is the coldest its ever been here at work...that was a few years back....long as it ain't windy i'm good
  4. well since no one else did.... 13 degrees out here this morning and i love it !
  5. thanks Keef , we did. I hope and yours are as well morning bud
  6. Woody !! long time no see i hope all is well up in the North
  7. whats happening gents....didn't think the site was ever coming back
  8. in my opinion.....the "season" goes by so fast that people feel the need to decorate early to make Christmas time last longer ....
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