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  1. thanks for your help last night someone at svt forums told me what to do and i finally got the old bushing out
  2. im installing UPR Spherical Housing Bushings and having trouble removing the old bushings can someone tell me how to remove the stock bushings
  3. I took my car to the track 3 weeks ago made a few passes and decided to lower the PSI on my 555rs. On my way home I noticed a clunking sound in the rear end . It only makes the noise when the rear end moves like taking off fast or going from first to reverse. If I take it easy I can get away without it clunking at all. I don't know if I want to bring it to the dealer for this because they haven't said anything about my mods when I had warranty work done. Does any one have an idea what's wrong.
  4. Camaro Z/28 6.2L SC V8 556-horsepower Spy Shots: 556-hp Supercharged 2012 Camaro Z28 — Autoblog
  5. I got mine on the 11/11/09 it had 4000 miles and now has 17120 miles today I know I will have over 30000 miles by the end of the year. I love my car that's why I drive it every day but sometimes I feel bad because I do. The the roads in louisiana can be horrible sometimes or when I leave it in the parking lot at work or when I'm in the store and come out to find little scratches on my car. Some days i want to leave it home in the garage where i know it will be safe but i always end up driving it anyway.
  6. Shelby GT500 in Germany Commercial
  7. where can i buy this at or is it custom made?
  8. Just finished installing 2010 mirrors on my car they look great much better then the big and ugly truck mirrors that came on the car. I got the parts from www.directfordparts.com and had the covers painted. The mirrors do require a bit of modding. I installed them the way this guy did his http://mollerhealths...ad.php?t=602318 I had to make the two back holes bigger I cut off one of the bolts and the black plastic nub
  9. Before I bought a 2008 I test drove a 2010 I could not believe how light the clutch was very little pressure required to push the clutch in. the one thing I hated about my 2008 GT was how hard it was to push in the clutch especially when I was stuck in traffic. the clutch in the GT500 is much better then my old GT but nothing like a 2010. two weeks after I got the GT500 the clutch started to make noise when I put it in reverse looks like it was time to have the TSB done. so I went to the dealer and the SVT tech looked at it and said the TSB had to be done. the parts came in and 3 days later my car was ready. I was curious how the clutch would feel I was hoping for one of two things that the hissing noise would be gone or the clutch would feel something like the 2010. I pushed in the clutch and it was just like the 2010! very little pressure but it still made the hissing noise. so I left the dealership was going back home enjoying the new clutch little did I know I had a hydraulic leak. I was a mile from my house when I heard a loud noise like something broke and the car would not go into any gear and the clutch went loose had to push the car off the road. I called roadside assistance and got it back to the dealership they fixed it in 2 hours the clutch was back the way it was before. the clutch was fun while it lasted about twenty minutes I was really pissed I don't think I will let them do any more work on my car in the future.
  10. 20 will be 21 in two weeks been haveing my shelby for three weeks :happy feet:
  11. Don’t let these guys talk you out of getting a GT00.A car can not make you speed only you can do that I have had my car for 2 weeks and I am super happy it’s a night and day difference from my old GT. Get a Shelby you will not be disappointed just don’t be like me and get a 30mph+ speeding ticket. My lawyer is taking care of the ticketBut now I can not get any more for at least 6 months.
  12. i don't speed all the time i was running late that morning some of you are blowing this out of proportion.i was in the right lane going 70 and there was two cars in front of me doing like 65 so i got in the left lane and put it in 3rd gear there is a broken down car that has been on the side of the road for like 3 weeks the police officer was outside of his car right behind it he said he got me at 97 in the 60 wit a laser i did not know i was going that fast this happened in maybe 10-15 seconds this is in past now. i still got the car and i love it going to miss my GT. the only thing i can do now is slow down and don't rush when im late it sucks now because i can not get any more speeding tickets because im so young i know my insurance will be $400-$500 dollars month now maybe more
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