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  1. My business is down 98% since the start of 2009 and at this point I would absolutely go work in the cane fields if they weren't 250 miles from my house. I know many many out of work Americans who would do almost anything for a paycheck right now. I really don't care if they picked my vegetables or not. If they didn't pick them an out of work American would. They proved this is California where they hired only Americans at an almond orchard and have had no turnover. The illegals are not supposed to be here. They need to go home.
  2. When I think of Fess Parker I always think of him as Daniel Boone. I still watch it in reruns. If you need a coonskin cap they are for sale on his website. I think it's www.fessparker.com
  3. Good explanation. My wife brought this up the other day and I didn't visualize it like that. I told her to call me if the Earth was going to break into pieces and fly towards the Sun other wise I wasn't going to be too concerned.
  4. "WASHINGTON – New claims for jobless benefits fell last week in a sign that businesses are realizing that they can't run with only 2 employees and there is nobody left for them to give the ax to.
  5. Exactly. I would have expected 80% of the money to be wasted. I would have been shocked if they actually spent the money wisely.
  6. The Who (what's left of them) were just pathetic. Daltrey plain 'ole can't sing anymore. At one point my wife said "Did you see that?" and she backed up the DVR. It looked like Daltrey was lip synching since the words coming out didn't match up with his mouth. The only thing we couldn't figure out was if he was lip synching why did it sound so bad?
  7. Amazing. I thought they would get hammered after the way they played against the Bucs and the Vikings.
  8. If you're lucky! I think in Florida the "maximum wage" law kicks in and you can only earn $10.00 per hour. The really funny part is that the employers actually expect loyalty and want you to give a sh_t for these wages! I don't think I could ever work for anybody again where they look at their watch and scowl at you when you come in 2 minutes late.
  9. I must be getting old. Job postings make me laugh now. They all have 79 requirements and want you to have 38 different skill sets plus be bilingual with a PHD and be an ex-president with 60 years of experience. Just reading the job descriptions makes me tired.
  10. If I was an Astronaut I would never fly on a ship unless it was built and designed by NASA. They know what they are doing. However, that being said, I think the space program while very cool, is a gigantic waste of money. OK you can flame me now.
  11. I have a 2004 SAAB 93. It's a great car. It's fast (It feels faster than the Shelby GT) and handles like it's on rails. Fit and finish is excellent. No mechanical problems. Loaded to the gills with features and I paid $24K for it brand new. It's also a very safe vehicle. Hopefully Spyker can breathe some new life into the company. A reintroduced Viggen model would be good for starters.
  12. Agree 100% http://www.theonion.com/content/video/zombie_reagan_raised_from_grave
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