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  1. I have a 2008 GT 500, 21Kmiles on it. Very little city driving. The clutch is slipping in 3-6 gears, when I provide rapid acceleration on the gas. It can be visually seen on the tac and then also you can feel the engine rev, car start to accelerate, engine rev, and accelerate again. Has others had the same problem? I am looking at a clutch replacement, along with pilot bearing, slave cylinder, and potentially flywheel. If you had the issue, did you utilize OEM equipment? Or 3rd party such as Summit Racing? Thanks Strider
  2. I have 21,000 miles on my GT 500 and the transmission/clutch is slipping when I place more than light pressure on the gas. The RPM increases rapidly and then the car will begin acceleration. It is much worse when the vehicle is warmed up and at times, it feels like the car will not make it up a incline road. Has anyone else had these problems with the clutch's. I will be replacing pressure plate, clutch, slave cylinder/throwout bearing, pilot bearing and potentially the flywheel when the transmission is removed. Has anyone gone back to the OEM or used Summit Racing parts? Thanks Dan
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