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  1. Hey Guys, Appreciate the interest in the restoration progress. Car is mostly disassembled now. Lot's of cleaning and initial prep-work done last summer. However, other family duties and obligations have gotten in the way of getting much further. Looking like it may still be sometime before I have any final pics to post up. Take care for now.
  2. Thanks cobrakidz....it's more of an under-hood/undercarriage freshening than it is a full blown restoration...should be done by late spring or early summer.
  3. Problem fixed! A little patience goes a long way! Sudguy4
  4. That's my Dad's Shelby....currently undergoing a cosmetic restoration.
  5. Robert, How do you do either of the options you mentioned? I am not tech savy! Sudguy4
  6. Hey TS, I'm having trouble uploading a picture for my new profile pic. I have no problem using Photobucket to upload pictures to share in my posts. However, I cannot figure out what I need to do to make it work using the profile picture Icon. For example, It says "enter URL" for the pic upload, and I pic one from Photobucket, and then it gives me a message that says "cannot locate server" or something similar to that. I'm frustrated! Thanks, Sudguy4
  7. Hey TS, Just trying out my abilities with photobucket...consider this picture a teaser! It's a little blurry because I was just getting used to my iPhone. Enjoy! Sudguy4
  8. Thank you everyone for who has replied....will keep you posted with the restoration! Sudguy4
  9. Hey TS, My Dad and I are in the middle of the restoration on his GT350H, and have come across a few technical electrical questions... 1. Who do you guys recommend to rebuild/restore the original factory dash mounted tachometer? It works sporadically at best, and it just needs to be gone through electrically and cosmetically. 2. When the headlights are on, should the front turn signals also be on? I know when you have the switch pulled out in "park", the orange indicators are on, but when we pull the headlights full on, they go off. I've seen it both ways on other Mustangs from this vintage, and we want to make it correct. Thanks in advance for any insight/suggestions. Best, Sudguy4
  10. Hey TS, Did any notice that within the 2013 Shelby GT500 ordering guide, Ford placed an asterisk (*) next to the color Grabber Blue, which denotes it as a new exterior color for 2013. Has something about this color changed? Was it not available for 2012? Any further explanation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sudguy4
  11. I've already reconciled that a set of Shelby wheels, whatever replaces the Alcoa, would be my first mod with a set of Michelin Pilot Supersports. Problem solved! Sudguy4
  12. I love the new color. But, is there anyone besides me who is just tired of dark colored wheels? I mean, everyone gets you have a high-performance car without making them look like you drove cross-country.... I know alot of you guys like the dark colored wheels, but how about just a nice 5-spoke wheel option in either polished aluminum or chrome. I think that would give Deep Impact Blue, as well as other darker colors a little more pop. It shouldn't matter if you order the upgraded track/handling packages...we should have our choice of wheel options. Just a point to ponder! Sudguy4
  13. The TSB clutch fix is covered under the 5 year/ 60,000 mile powertrain warranty, and has nothing to do with the 3/36,000 mile warranty. I cannot vouch for any ESP clutch coverage beyond 60,000 miles, but if you still fall under the 5 years 60k umbrella, Ford will cover the costs of your clutch repair. That is how mine was fixed, and how a close friend of mine is getting his covered. Both our cars were out of 3/36 when the clutches failed, and both are being fully covered. Again, I cannot explain the coverage under an ESP. Rather, I hope this provides some comfort for those who do not have an ESP and are worried about clutch repairs during the powertrain coverage. Sudguy4
  14. Thanks Scuba for the update.....I hate to see those wheels go. I hope they will continue with a nice polished wheel finish... I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority, but black, flat black and/or super dark colored wheels do nothing for me. They just look dirty from a distance. The DuraBrite was a great finish on the Alcoas, and I hope for something similiar. Sudguy4
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