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  1. I thought I heard that the monoblade throttle body was not as "street friendly" as the others?? I talked to one guy who didnt like it on his 08. Said it was more like an on off switch as was harder drive. Any coments? ...Assuming thats what your runnng.
  2. Compare features and you will see that CTEK wins out. I would go with part# 56-864. It will do it all. May do things you dont need now but will in the future. Very fairly priced.
  3. http://www.americanmuscle.com/mickey-thompson-performance-tires.html
  4. They have 18 different sizes and assume will be adding more as it is a brand new offering. Sizes should be on the MT or american muscle websites. I think they are mostly factory replacements sizes at this point and not many up sizes. Mine were the 285 35 19 and 255 40 19.
  5. I know everyone is always asking about what tire to buy so I thought I would share this. I installed the new MT uhp street comp tire a couple weeks ago on my 2011 gt500 non PP car and I have to say its the best tire Ive ever owned. Better wet and dry traction than the goodyears. Quiet smooth ride. Balanced out with almost no weight at all. I was even able to drive a track car fitted with these tires and was very impressed. Best of all they are at the lower end of the price range. I think American Muscle has them in stock now.
  6. I have some some mothers and meguiras spray detailer. May try that. Thanks
  7. I was kind of afraid to wax the stripes. Normally a matte or flat color will streak or get chalky when waxed.
  8. What works good to restore the look on the matte black stripes? My car is a year old and has only been washed. No wax. My stripes are starting to look chalky in places.
  9. I honestly think the 2012 looks better. Not a fan of the rear end treatment on the 13 or the new grill inserts. I vote keep and upgrade to the VMP TVS.
  10. Your pic is dead on perfect. I love it but guess its not up to us. I cant believe more people are not commenting on shelby nose.
  11. Cant believe it. Is it possible they made the tail lights worse and put a shelby nose on the Boss and GT....Whats up with that...Last years nose looked way better! Looks like a Boss/Shelby hybrid!
  12. I done the Ford Racing Parts springs and BMR panhard to center up rear end. Thats it. I have put 4500 miles on it and I love it. Im sure the whole kit would be better but I found the springs for 125.00 and thought what the heck I'll add struts later. Havnt seen the need..
  13. Interesting. I definitely see how the wider wheel would allow for a better footprint. My info came straight from MT engineering. I guess its like everything else....Its according to who you talk to.
  14. Talked to MT today and heres what they recommend for their drag radials. 19 and 20s 32 psi on street. 11-14 psi on track...experiment. Should not require a long burn out to bring to optimal temp.. As soon as you feel them pulling down rpm your good. No "dry hop".
  15. The RTRs are offest to outside a little more. Actually looks better on front. MT may not have worked on RTR on rear as they are already about even with quarter lip. Otherwise I think they work fine.
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