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  1. 40 years from now 90% of us will be dead and these cars will be worthless. No one will want a car that has to be refilled every few days with gas when a electric car that quickly recharges itself by just being parked and driven in sunlight. There won't be many gas gas stations around and even fewer places to take these cars for service.
  2. I can't wait to see a wide body conversion GTS!
  3. 20lbs? I would rather keep the seat.
  4. So what if its the last GT500 Shelby was involved with? In the 80s some people over paid for the last Ferrari's Enzo was involved with. Now where are those cars compared to the latest and greatest Ferraris? My point is no one is going to distinction between the 2013 and 2014 GT500 unless the 2014 is tweaked to become a noticeably better car. When the next generation GT500s roll out they will be even more amazing than the 2013.Even if they make only 4k 2013 models and 4k 2014 models that is still 8k GT500s. No way near low enough production numbers for anyone to even think about collectability. The people who own the 2013 will be in the same boat as the 07-09 owners eventually where the latest generation of GT500s relegates their cars to second best or worst.
  5. I have owned many cars and usually I keep the manual in the glove box to read from time to time whenever there is a problem with the car or I need information. Never cared about keeping it mint.
  6. Get ready to be dissapointed again because there will be a 2014 and beyond Shelby with ever increasing performance.

    Clear Bra for GTS

    I would want to watch every bit of the install. Would never trust anyone to not scratch my car when cutting the material. I guess most shops would use the insurance excuse to prevent customers watching the work.
  8. I agree. The Super Snakes need this widebody. Should have been done years ago.
  9. Amazing! Can you imagine what would happen if for the final year of the current generation GT500 they make them all widebody cars? Only people who would not love it would be the usual suspects (certain 07-09 owners).
  10. Well the Shelby name is continuing for the next generation mustang so its not like these 2013 and 2014 are the last chance to own one.
  11. Time will tell. I just made a prediction. Btw once the GT500 comes out in the new body style a it will have a negative impact on the previous models prices. You will start to find good examples in the 20K range.
  12. I am guessing the person behind these vids is Jewish?
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