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    No place like AZ for road trips. Mustangs are and always have been my favorite ride. Vintage Drag racing is a passion,my family takes up the majority of my time and I wouldn't have it any other way. Nice road trip in my SGT, and spending time with good friends is always a nice way to pass the time.
  1. At least in the beginning of the show they announce" Just because we are Dumb a@@ess doesn't you mean you need to be a Dumb A@@ too". Find a legal safe place with a crappy surface to race on. Then you can say " we are the fastest street cars on a crappy surface". There are many legal fastest street car association groups. They race at a safe facility. Some are heads up all out bragging rights races. Never seen anyone get arrested, or hurt. One can try to justify illegal street racing all they can, but doesn't make it legal. Personally I have raced for years at a drag strip. Heads up as well as bracket racing. Never had to worry about hurting any innocent by standers or breaking any laws. I believe one has a right to watch any show they want, I just don't watch or condone illegal street racing. Seen to many hurt by it. And that's all I am going to say about that. Please be safe.
  2. 2007 White SGT westbound on I-10. Couldn't see the plate for location was from due to we were headed in opposite directions at about 80mph. All I could say was "Yep looks like a white SGT". Bet he/she said the same about me. "Looked like a black SGT". Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays And Happy New Year to All.
  3. Nice to see another AZ SGt.. Nice looking ride. Looks like you got a great buy. Come on over to the East AZ side and take a ride up Mt Graham or the Coronado trail. Makes for a nice drive in the SGT. Jeff
  4. Nice photos, thanks for the share. Always wanted to make that event. Pima museum is a top notch facility.
  5. Pending my the schedule and the trip is on my rotaion month I will be there if there is room. azmartin@cableone.net. had a good time meeting everyone i Tucson and cruising for a little while into New Mexico. Looking forward to the whole ordeal. From Alaska to Africa, still with the A list.
  6. Seen a 2008 Vista Blue Shelby GT convertible, this last Saturday in the Steese Highway Fred Meyers Parking lot in Fairbanks Alaska. Yep, have a few here to. Can't wait to get home and drive my SGT.
  7. Nice ride, nice wife. So now drive it like you stole it!!!! Enjoy.
  8. Here it is summer. Spent the last year in the interior of Alaska. Only had one trip in my SGT this last year. Nice to see all the SGT's are still out on the road. Sure will miss that old grin and smile of Mr. Carroll. Can't wait to take a ride in the SGT and help push on his memory. Take care and drive safe. 3 more months till back in AZ.
  9. What's on your mind?

    1. azmartin


      Well been up on Fairbanks Alaska since late May. Weather has been awesome. Sure miss my rides. Anyhow, hope all my Shelby and Mustang friends are doing well!! Ride On!!!

    2. azmartin


      Well been up on Fairbanks Alaska since late May. Weather has been awesome. Sure miss my rides. Anyhow, hope all my Shelby and Mustang friends are doing well!! Ride On!!!

  10. From AZ also. Currently in up working in Alaska. Just hang out enjoy. Great people here. Jeff in AZ
  11. Interested in how it goes on the install. Something about a Paxton on the SGT, just seems right.
  12. Mike, with me working that way this year. I will be there.
  13. Nice Merry Christmas weather here in AZ. Wife, son and I out checking out lights last night in town in the stealthy SGT. I have my SGT primed and ready for a cruise after dinner later. Oh dare I say, it is 65 degrees sunny and so nice. May have to take a swim. Merry Christmas to all, be safe, and have a Happy New Year! :party2:
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