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  1. Très bien et je suis heureux que vous ayez résolu ce problème. Meilleures salutations
  2. Salut as-tu été trié? Aussi, y a-t-il autre chose que nous puissions faire pour vous aider?
  3. Great news. If anyone else needs help and in addition to Brianna I can help / provide advice in the European time zone.
  4. Team Shelby British Isles does exist and you can contact me as regional Director. I have 09KR0441.
  5. The European Directors are working hard with our TS and SA colleagues to make this a memorable trip. Really looking forward to this.
  6. It was a great event and good to get the new European network of regional directors and the Shelby Europe dealers together. I look forward to working with my Team Shelby, Shelby American and GU Autotrade colleagues to make 2018 a fantastic year.
  7. Exciting times for Shelby in Europe and it was a great event. 2018 is going to be a fantastic year.
  8. Thank you all. I had my suspicions, the car ended up in the UK. I did decode the VIN which confirmed it was originally a 2010 GT 4.6. We have already indicated it is a fake and asked him to check the VIN with SA. The additional info you guys found on the car is very helpful and I will pass it on to the UK owner. With Kind Regards Alex
  9. I have a question from a UK owner who wants to know if his car is a SuperSnake. it has this plaque on the dash - there are no others under the hood. Can anyone help please ?
  10. Hi Any results please ? Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi Robert Thanks very much - I'll definitely take this in brushed and the shifter ball when available. Alex
  12. Hi guys I know the fuel cap is still an ongoing discussion but can I also ask if you would consider a KR version of your new shifter ball ? I would definitely be in for a red & silver version. Alex
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