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  1. Thanks for that Info...Just bought 5 tubes ...when in doubt..over lube...lol
  2. Hey that beats the sports jacket I received . Enjoy
  3. Ahhhh...overheating? It's fake news! Those damn chevy vilians are at it again. Believe me your car won't overheat...I'm betting that you're a very trusting person.
  4. Let me way in before the Debbie Downers show up . Once again it's nice to see our cars bringing in some nice numbers ...are they here yet? Seems to be taboo around here if you would like your car to be worth something around here...I was told to pretty much shut up and just drive them . I don't see anything wrong in monitoring the car market for our cars. I went on Autotrader against the Shelby gods rules and found two 2008 Shelby gt verts one for 17,000 and the other for 25,000...not happy with those numbers but good to know. Anyway thanks for posting that information...good to see someone else paying attention.
  5. You guys have inspired me to pull her out of the garage and drive her. Took the vert out in the Nor'easter yesterday and headed north on the NJ turnpike. I figured it would be a good time to test 9yrs of wax build up against rock chips FYI ...Hankook Ventus summer tires hydroplaning in the left lane at 75 while passing and eighteen wheeler will make you soil your pants . I was hoping to find some salt on the road to coat my undercarriage but it was too warm. I headed home after testing our cars polybutylene bushings against some pretty nasty potholes which enhanced the squeaking. Upon my return home I parked her in front of the house so I can be toasty by putting my dd in her place next to my wife's car in the garage :happy feet: . For 9 yrs cold winters I sacrificed my warmth thinking that I was helping preserve her but really I was just hurting her . My eyes are wide open now...I have been freed . I can't wait for the weather to break so I can take her to the automatic car wash and then to the mall so I can park next to normal people. I'm not going down alone though...going to go to car shows and try to convince friends like dale to drive his immaculate T-bird with low miles to just drive her...they don't bring no money anyway, I'm sure he will have some choice words for me but hey cars are meant to be driven. Hopefully I can get enough wear on her so I can do a full restoration in 20 yrs or so...nothing like having projects to keep you busy while I'm 80. I feel better now... the burden has been lifted. And to think ,I thought I was happy...who knew happy is burning through that first clutch or going thru 3 sets of tires. Carrol did say to drive'em even though I think he meant on the track but yeah, can't wait . Probably gonna get a full roll cage so I can track her, grass is only gonna get cut once every 2 weeks now its all about driving her for now on. Thanks guys!!!
  6. Absolutely drive them.... never said don't, but if they can keep their value then its a plus for us for whatever reason. Most here bought to keep their cars but as we all know life happens, so If they do well in the market place.... is all I am saying
  7. A 2008 Barrett Jackson edition Shelby GT coup sold for 40 grand and a 2007 Hertz convertible owned by an hertz executive sold for 97 grand, last weekend at the Barrett Jackson auction. This is great news for us anytime our cars do well on the auction block in front of millions :happy feet: . Hopefully this will stop the depreciation of our cars and help the value increase of our cars the same year and newer
  8. That really does look nice on your car, I hope everything works out for your project. I'm still on the fence with the size only because of my placement issues. I kinda want to keep the tri-pony and place your snake on the other side but don't want the gril to look cluttered. That's my only reasoning for wanting to have it smaller. Either way I will surely be a customer just because its a cool piece. Good luck.
  9. Nice to hear. It's amazing how something so small can be so irritating. This new set is holding up very well with no signs of any rust...woohoo!
  10. I'm pretty sure it's Satin Silver, paint code M7049A, Sherwin # 63454 and myriad pro bold italic 163 pt. Wrote this down a thousand years ago from a tread on here. Hope this helps.
  11. Pockdog"s Krylon cyrstal clear should do the trick :happy feet:
  12. Thanks for investigating that for me, that will not work for what we want...a simple clear spray is all that is needed.
  13. It"s called 3M Paint Defender Spray film sold by Autozone...Never used it but will give it a try.
  14. When you mentioned 3M first thing that came to my mind was the tape, then after I read it again I realized you were refering to the spray,,duh,,on me
  15. Hmmm...Might hit mine with some clear once the weather warms. 3M tape might take everything up with it if ever removed. Thanks for sharing, I never thought it would be an issue.
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