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  1. Team Shelby lost a lot of forum members after making the switch to the new platform so i'm surprised that the powers that be have become so tight. Makes me cringe every-time Admin shuts down a topic without an explanation. Tell us what we did wrong! I've been a member for over 10 years and I own 4 Shelby's! I'm starting to lose interest thanks to the harsh tone of the Forum Admin.
  2. I love that place! Usually visit once or twice a year and always leave with a Shelby bag in my hand. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  3. With permission...They changed the plates.
  4. HERTZ just used my cars in a Facebook ad...
  5. That's a great looking car! Welcome to the BGC! Black and Gold Club!
  6. I agree 100% with Shelby doing this! Not likely they were ever selling these parts off the internet without proof of ownership. I even had to prove ownership for replacement stripes.
  7. I’ll be at Shelby Canada West in June with my ‘16 GT-H for the car show. Will you be there?
  8. Wow Tek! So sorry to hear this. Going to be tough on the family...and you.
  9. Beautiful BB! Time to put some smile miles on her!
  10. Not too often I shed a tear at a hockey game....but this one...
  11. Meet my dog Jami. She gets angry when she's hungry.
  12. Great video! And I love ELO!
  13. Congrats to you my Shelby friend! Enjoy life!
  14. “oh hey, don’t forget us 06/07 GTH guys, after all we are the reason Shelby went back in to business Well at least there is only one color hat required....
  15. Well then.... That changes everything!!
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