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  1. You are correct. There is a metal clip in behind the TC button. My button just pulled out easily using just my fingernails. Make sure you keep the clip for resale!
  2. If it was mine, and if I was near a window, I would toss it out! I hate when this stuff happens! There's nothing worse than when it's out of my control or knowlege...
  3. I didn't see how many miles were on it...
  4. Congrats Ruff! Nice looking home for you!
  5. Lots of melting and flooding going on in your part of the country I thought?
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing this beauty!!
  7. Ridiculous weather here right now...Going to be +1 tomorrow...
  8. I'm sure anythings negotiable...Just not sure how much since the prices just came down. It does seem Hertz is being a bit unrealistic at this point though....
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