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  1. Hey BB, if you remember, I mentioned that i was coming to PHX last year with a buddy so he could visit the Mayo Clinic in your city. Well we did, and after a $13,000 bill he came back with nothing but piece of mind that the doctors here in CAN were correct in their evaluation. I'm not knocking the professionals we have, just that the time it takes to get something done. Sorry I never got a chance to buy you lunch...I still owe ya!
  2. So Sorry to hear about Ruf. We had some good times on here...(NTT) RIP Ruf!
  3. 06H0083 was up for auction at McCormicks in Palm Springs last weekend. It was auctioned on Saturday and I couldn't be there to watch. Anyone know any details about this one?
  4. I used TFX for my '66. I would highly recommend!
  5. Be sure to send my best also please!
  6. I think it was my Trans-Am that got me loving it too!
  7. Thanks! I haven't seen either of those.
  8. Last drive of the year! Gonna miss driving this car!
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