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  1. Hey QSS, what do you think about the asking price? Seems a bit high but I sure hope he gets it!
  2. A GT-H clone made by the original producers?? That makes no sense....
  3. The more I think about this the more irritated I get! I was kinda cool with it at first because it was a nice car, but now I'm realizing that Shelby American is destroying a Heritage, not creating one!
  4. I'm not referring to the color! Using the name GT-H is whats bugging me! Anyone can own a black and Gold Shelby, and as far as I'm concerned Shelby can build a million of them. But why name it the same as a 52 year old legend when it's not?
  5. Yup! I agree 100%. Love the look of the new GT-H but I feel Shelby American has hurt my investment! Guess time will tell.
  6. Fires are burning in Alberta also. Air advisory’s are in most of western Canada.
  7. 9.20 am Prince George B.C. 560 fires burning around us. We need this!!
  8. Great decision Chris! you would have missed that car as much or more than your GT-500.
  9. I think the H stands for Heritage on these cars...Should be Hertz!
  10. I really don't know what to say...I like the look of the car, but why name it Heritage? They should have asked my permission! The hood is awesome, but hate the wheels...
  11. Thanks Keith, we are pretty lucky so far where we are, but living in darkness at noon is getting eerie... Prince George has become an evacuation center for all area's affected around us and man is this town busy now. Traffic, stores, restaurants. Anyways...
  12. He lives on E Lincoln Dr. Across from AJs fine foods. I was there the day after the storm. The second day we were there was when I got the alarm on my phone and feared the worst after hearing on the news (here at home) how bad the first one was. Luckily it missed us but we were worried. My son just moved there about 8 months ago. He’s a gamer and apperantly Phoenix is a good central location. Something about ping rate? I rented a convertible Mustang and never did put the top down. Waaay too hot, not to mention the sand in the eyes.
  13. Hello Chris, A bit Smokey here in the great white north. 560 fires burning in the province right now. Headlights required for most of the day. Ash is coming down like snow. We went through this last year and now here we go again. Sucks! I was in Scottsdale 2 weeks ago to visit my son and I thought of looking you up but ran out of time. Next time expect a knock on your door and I’ll buy you lunch! Might be there for Barrett Jackson. Hope all is well with you during monsoon season. Man those storms were scary while I was there. Even got a emergency warning on my Cel phone.
  14. I agree! Would be cool! Often thought about it....
  15. Just saw this post.... That's awesome guys!! Great pics!
  16. I believe there is only this one in Canada now...
  17. This is the old shop. They moved to a brand new location about 2 years ago. Awesome people and beautiful shop and showroom!
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