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  1. I thought mine was the first? I do know mine is the first listed in the Shelby Registry as a one of one 2016 Shelby GT-H/SC.
  2. Well I guess you could say that, but only waaay up in the mountains. Kelowna itself was 20ish Celsius so no effect on life in that city. I am about 5 hours north in Prince George and we are having a wet few weeks, but looking real good for next week. Too bad I'm headed for Vegas on Monday...39 Celsius there.
  3. Happy Independence Day to my American buds!
  4. I also enjoy Facebook in moderation. It allows me to easily keep in touch with friends and family that are miles away. I don't give out any personal info...
  5. So then not really venting? And not circulating? Just put a bucket of ice on top of the existing vent...
  6. How can the ductwork be an exhaust vent? The ductwork circulates the air in the house. It does not vent outside.
  7. Good morning Guys! I'm liking the new name Tek!
  8. Here are my 3 GT-H's. I need to get them together for a pic with the new plates.
  9. When I had 151 Supercharged I had them also replace my pony puddle lights with Shelby lights. I'll take a pic tonight, but they have the pony on top and SHELBY underneath. Not GT-H.
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